#1 Way To Increase Traffic To Your Website

One of the most common questions that our readers ask us is how to increase traffic to their website. To make this as simple as possible I would tell you that there are 2 things you should always be doing: Adding unique useful content and building your link popularity.

Adding Content – When I say you should add unique useful content to your site I really mean the content needs to be 100% original and useful to other people. Writing content just for content sake is a big waste of time, especially if you are the one writing all of the content. When you write useful content people will have a reason to come and read it. People will show it to other people, and people will link to it.

Let me give you a great example of how by writing one good post I increased the traffic to my website by 1000%. I came across a new product a couple of months ago and saw that the product was in my same industry so I looked at the site for a minute or two and then went on with my day. The next day I found a site that was almost exactly the same making the same claims and showing the same pictures of checks and sportscars.

I quickly realized that this new product was a scam. I decided to write an very in depth post about this scam and warning people what to look out for. Little did I realize that this scam was so widespread that thousands of people a month were searching for the name of this new product to find out if it was legit or not.

Because I took the time to write a very detailed post about the product we jumped to the top of the rankings for the product name. The result of this one post was going from a couple of thousand visitors a month to over 20,000 visitors a month. Imagine what your business could do with 10 times the amount of traffic it gets now.

Building Links – Because this is such a hard thing to do people will try to tell you that this is not that important in getting more traffic to your site. In reality, link building has proven to be the most influential factor in the rankings and traffic I have achieved with the internet. Nothing sways rankings more powerfully than good quality one way links that point to your website. (Read more about how to link build here) I achieved #1 rankings in Google with my old SEO website for the term “SEO services” when my site had much less content and far fewer pages than all of my competitors. How did I do it? A consistent flow of good links.

If you want to know my secret to success I just gave it to you. Good quality content and relevent quality links. If it sounds too simple then try it another more complicated way. All I can give you is what has helped me become successful online.

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Adam White is a 20+ year entrepreneur having built and sold 18 internet businesses. He currently runs JustReachOut and SquidVision, a new type of landing page optimization software for SaaS companies, and does SaaS and SEO consulting at Prosperly.com. He lives in Tennessee with his wife and kids and in between SaaS businesses he writes and directs feature films.

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  • Awesome! Thanks for this.. Even though we may read about adding fresh original content and link building throughout other posts, it seems very necessary to repeat the keys over and over, in order to catch onto it. And it’s great to have it laid out together in one article. Thanks again.

  • Great article Adam. The legitimacy of the content on this website is a proof that quality content is king. One cannot emphasize it enough… Give something worthwhile to people and they will keep coming for more…..

  • You just provided people with the 2 most basic and important aspects of building traffic to their website.

    Though its a little bit simplified, if people can master these 2 things they should have the traffic they want and are looking for.

    Great post!

  • Thanks so much! As many times as I’ve heard it said, it can’t be emphasized enough! Very much appreciated…

  • Great post.

    Writing useful content will increae traffic indeed. If you write a popular post that will give a solution about a problem people are facing you can get tons of traffic as well.

    Of course link building is also a importent part of getting traffic. The more backlinks the more chance of ranking higher in search engines.

  • Beginner is right! I had every intent to learn how to build a website, but a family situation superceded. Although my plans are delayed, I fully intend to move forward. I will record all your posts and give them full attention in the near future.
    Your words are my guide. Thanks much,

  • Nice post mate

  • Great !!!! post
    really when we add fresh content in our web page then and pot more and key word in the contents
    I think key word density is very important for content .

  • Been waiting for your comeback to this blog! Glad you’re back. This post describes exactly how I’ve managed to make thousands a month from online marketing too. Simple truths.

  • Thanks for really helping us out with great and useful ideas and direction. I know this is true because I actually was one of those people tring to find out if a certain website was true or a scam….I found your site in that process…and with the information on your blog .. saved lots of time and money as I was convinced that the site was a good one…after seeing what you put together and looked at this site again I saw I was about to be scammed. Thanks for being real in this virtual world!!

  • I saw somebody online submit an article and go to lunch, when he returned his site had taken the number one slot on google.`1 new article and he got right to the top slot.

  • Mehboob Talukdar

    Such a great post.
    I want to know about do follow and not follow in seo.
    Waiting for reply.

  • Great info here

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