AdGroups – Irresistible Offers and Calls to Action

Description – Writing an Irresistible Offer

The first description line in your ad needs to leverage the fact that the reader noticed your headline and liked it enough to continue reading.  You’ll want to maintain the same tone, while piquing interest enough to incite a click (or push someone away who shouldn’t click).  There are several different avenues you can take when writing your offer, but whatever avenue you choose, make sure you always end with a strong call to action.  Here are a few options you have:

  • Take away their pain -> “Love handles got you down?”, “Fire your boss”, “Sick of the daily grind?”
  • Provide a solution – Howie Jacobson, author of AdWords for Dummies says that, “One way to get the solution your customers want is to fill in the blanks, ‘We provide ______ to _____ and what this means to you is _____.’ What you wrote in the last blank is the solution.”  Keep your solution relevant to the searched phrase (more on this in a second).
  • Give them benefits -> “Melt the fat away with our patented ingredient.” (vs. talking in specifics about the patented ingredient, you want to say what it will do for them.)
  • Make them a deal -> “Lose weight or your money back.”
  • Separate yourself from the Competition -> “Some claim potent ingredients, we actually deliver!”
  • Price -> If you’re dealing in a market that is very price sensitive, this is also a viable route.  Bear in mind however that you may not necessarily want to commoditize your product.
  • Resumé -> “Training Celebrities for two decades”, “Expert Advice on Tough Issues.”

Closing the Deal – Your Call to Action

Remember, you’ll want to make a powerful call to action to ensure that you push the reader to the point where they will definitely be wanting to see what you have to offer.  Which second line incites a higher CTR?

“Free Software Download.” or “Download Free Software Now.”
“10% Off Sale.” or “Buy Now and Save 10%”

Some great call to action words include: download, try, call, order, buy, get, purchase, or sign up.  If you’re using the informative headline from above, you might possibly try call to action words such as: listen, discover, compare, or learn.

Also, some powerful words to put your entire ad over the top:

Astonishing, Instant, Discover, Breakthrough, Critical, No-holds-barred, Unique, Urgent, Unbeatable, Innovative, Incredible, Enhanced, Electrifying, Guaranteed, Phenomenal, Revealed, Revolutionary, Secrets, Time-Sensitive, Ingenious, Proven, Step-By-Step, Unforgettable, In-Depth, Invaluable, Irresistible, Powerful, Shocking, Unlimited, How-to, Super, Tactics, First, Amazing.

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