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Tell Your Visitors What To Do…They Dont Know

I know, I know it has been a long time since I last wrote. I have been busy with filmmaking and other projects but I’m back. Onto the good stuff… I often run tests on pages of my site through

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Did your traffic dip during the holidays?

If this was your first holiday season as an internet business owner you might have been surprised at what you saw. For some industries traffic and sales always spikes during the holiday season. For other industries you can see a

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Running a Successful Online Business – Laser-Like Focus on Your Number

As you begin to buy more websites your portfolio will obviously grow. If you’re careful, your total time invested will remain about the same (there is ALWAYS an incremental time cost when adding to your portfolio unless you just let

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One Change to Sales Copy, Sales up 33% — Use Google’s Website Optimizer

On one of my sites I decided to add some inline video (hosted via YouTube) to demonstrate some important aspects of the product.  I made four videos in about 20 minutes and was all set.  These are not professionally done

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Using Analytics Tools Effectively

I talk a lot about using tools like Google’s Website Optimizer, Google Analytics and Crazy Egg. These are all tools that can give you valuable information what your users are doing, how well your website is converting visitors and much

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