You Want To Make Money Online? Have An Awesome Product…

I just got back from a 2 day trip down to Nevada. I went to a firearms training course (I affectionately call it “Superhero Training”) where I was trained on using my handgun properly and in defensive situations. The training was intense and I gained a new respect for my hand gun including a new emphasis on safety. The instructors were awesome and friendly, the facility was top notch and there were at least 300 people there taking one course

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Raise Brand Awareness With Horrible Clickthrough Rates – Why I’m Still Loving Facebook

I promised you an update regarding Facebook’s clickthrough rates and here it is. Since I began running the ad, there’ve been three clicks.  I’ve been running it for three weeks. Am I disappointed that it’s not bringing a flood of traffic to my website, everyone anxious to be budgeting?  I suppose.  Though not so much. People don’t click through with billboards either, but people are still advertising on them.  Facebook is a very inexpensive billboard.  The thing’s generating about 10,000

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