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Exact Match Domain Names For SEO – What You Should Know

If you hadn’t heard Google came out recently with a new update to their algorithm (they seem to be doing this once a week) that affected exact match domain names. I have always been a strong advocate for exact match

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How To Buy An Existing Domain Name

Buying an Existing Domain If the domain you want is already taken, there’s a good chance that you can buy that domain from the owner.  Again, I don’t mean going to a domain registrar like and registering a new,

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How To Buy A Domain Name

Starting from Scratch: Buying a New Domain If you’ve chosen to start your website from scratch, the first step is to find and purchase your new domain name.  When I say “new” domain, I mean a domain name that has

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Buying An Existing Domain Name – Get Traffic Faster

When buying a domain name I recommend always trying to get a .com name. People naturally see the .com website as the authority and if they are typing in your web address they will often type .com out of habit. 

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