If You’re Not Sending Emails This Way You’re Losing A Lot Of Money

A growing proportion of EDMs are being opened on mobile devices. However, improperly targeted and formatted content will often result in churn — readers lose interest quickly if they cannot find useful and actionable information. This article shares some best practices in optimizing email messaging with a mobile audience in mind. Mobile is at an uptick, and the trend seems to have no end. According to figures from Emailmonday, mobile email accounts for up to 70% of email opens, depending

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Building Long-Term Value with an Email Subscriber List

Adam mentioned list building as one of the best things you can do to make money online.  I want to talk about that in much greater detail.  Basically I want to talk about why. When you’re building your internet business, you focus a lot on traffic acquisition.  Without traffic, this whole venture becomes dull very quickly.  The problem with traffic though? It’s fleeting.  Your SERPs are fleeting.  They’ll fluctuate.  Google could change their algorithm… This traffic is key toward business

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Traffic Comes and Goes — Building Long-Term Value with Your Internet Business

An internet business, if you’re not careful, will rise and fall based on one variable alone: traffic. If you follow the Prosperly Way, then a lot of your traffic is likely based on organic rankings, which means you’re depending quite a bit on external forces (read: Google) to continue doing what they’re doing so you can continue doing what you’re doing. Depending heavily on things ultimately outside your control can be stressful — or worse — for your internet business.

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