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When to reject an offer to buy your website

A good friend of mine contacted me recently to let me know that he has had someone come to him and offer to buy his website. I have been working with this friend for some time now and he has

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How to Sell High (Don’t make this $500,000 mistake)

Special thanks goes to one of our loyal readers, Garrett, for giving us the idea, per se, for this content. Without further ado, here’s our first podcast: [Private_Prosperly Beginner] How to Sell High (Don’t make this $500,000 mistake) [/Private_Prosperly Beginner]

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Let me give anyone who is thinking of selling a website a piece of advice. Don’t mention how much potential your website has in your listing. I have to say that it is pretty annoying when I am looking at

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I just turned down a $32,160 offer for my website

Recently has made some good improvements in it’s search engine rankings (#4 for online college degrees). Within a 24 hour span I received two emails from different companies asking if I would consider selling the site. Of course I

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