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Just bought another website

Many people ask me if I have retired from website flipping. In fact I saw a forum thread over at Warrior Forum where people were asking what had happened to me. It is true that I took a year off

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I’m back!!!!

I was recently at Warrior Forum and saw a post there where a user was asking where I went. It was fun to see the responses and speculation as to what happened to me. My favorite guess was that I

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Don’t make this newbie mistake…

So I talked with a friend who was hoping to live the internet marketing dream, but instead found himself the owner of 20 websites that make no money. Does this sound like a familiar story? He told me what he

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When to reject an offer to buy your website

A good friend of mine contacted me recently to let me know that he has had someone come to him and offer to buy his website. I have been working with this friend for some time now and he has

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The weekly review of website flipping

I thought I would give you a weekly review of some of the happenings in the world of flipping websites. One of the bigger sites to sell this week was, which sold for $106,000. When I first looked that

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