Guest Posting Site – From Conception To Paying Members In Just 10 Days

As many of you know I always like to have a handful of SEO clients to work on. I do this for 2 reasons. Firstly, they pay me (I’m not an idiot). Secondly, it helps me stay on top of what is working now in the SEO world. Over the years I have found myself developing new tools that make my life easier when I do SEO for these clients. Guest Post Tracker falls under this category. One of the

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How To Get Visitors To Buy From You

I recently received this question from a Prosperly reader: Thanks for the article Adam. Yes I’m aware that this is a great way of earning some money but the thing is, how do you come up with something interesting enough for people to actually buy online? I mean a book or a guide. How many people would actually do that? Believe it or not, getting people to buy is not the issue. In fact as long as you know a

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The Best Way To Launch A New Product Online

A lesson I have recently learned (the hard way) is how to best launch a new product online. One of the websites we run is a reviews website in the health industry. We review products in the industry and then have affiliate links for people to buy the products we are reviewing. Well one of the companies that we have an affiliate program through came to us and offered to allow us to create our own ideal product in this

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