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We’ve Already Hit a Snag with Project WHO. No Willing Buyers?

For the life of us we cannot find a willing seller in this niche. It’s killing us. We thought we had someone bite for $12k and then they simply stopped returning our emails. Maybe it’s because Adam offended them with

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Monetization Strategy. Is the Traffic There?

Our monetization for WHO is going to be plain vanilla affiliate commissions.  Why?  No customer service.  No overhead.  We’re the invisible middle man and we love it that way. It’s not like we’re the only affiliates in this industry.  We’re

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Project WHO. Follow Us On Our Journey to Build a $60,000/mo. Income Stream.

Adam and I have picked an industry to dive into.  Competitive? Yes.  Opportunities? Abounding. Welcome to Project WHO.  We’re going to do our best to chronicle exactly what we’re thinking, doing, and planning for this new site.  What you’ll get

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