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Buy A Website or Start One From Scratch?

A couple of years ago Google hit websites really hard that had done a lot of SEO. This caused many websites in almost every industry to drop from the rankings and websites that hadn’t done a lot of SEO to

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Is The Old Way Of Doing SEO Dead?

This is a question people keep asking me. Do the old SEO techniques still work with all of the Google changes? I think I get asked the question because I have always preached and still continue to preach that the

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Content Is Not King… but Focused Content Is At Least The Queen

The never ending debate of which is more important, good content, or high quality links when you are trying to improve your search engine rankings may never come to an agreeable conclusion. My personal belief is that high quality relevant

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Link Building – Can Too Many Links Hurt You?

I have seen over the years that if you build your link popularity naturally you can move up in the search rankings fairly quickly even if your website is new. In fact I have done it enough that when it

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Careful Using Google’s Searchwiki

You may have noticed that Google’s search results are a little different. If you have a gmail account, google adwords, google adsense, or google analytics account then most likely you are signed in under your account name when you go

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