What are SEO link wheels?

A new trend in link building is to use social media to help you build link popularity to your website. As link building continues to be the hardest part of SEO people will always be looking for new ways to generate more links. One of the new strategies is something that has been name SEO link wheels. A link wheel works like this: You write 10 articles all related to the keyword you are targeting in your link building. You

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What I learned about social media from a lemonade stand

Yesterday as I pulled up to my driveway after a long hard days work (wink, wink) I noticed my 7 year old son Boston in the front sitting at a small table with a pitcher of lemonade. It took me a minute before I realized that he had a lemonade stand set up. This really took me by surprise as I would have expected him to be too scared to try something like that on his own. I had noticed

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Social Media Has No Future

I’m sure you are already ready to post some nasty comments on this blog about how big of an idiot I am. Before you do that, please hear me out. I have recently come across two prominent (Shoemoney, The Simple Dollar) bloggers in the blogosphere that both had written posts about how SEO doesn’t really matter and how SEO has no future. I understand that they both wrote these posts to generate buzz but the message they are sending is

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