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Homepage Split Test To Increase Conversions

So if you have read much of the posts here at Prosperly that I have written you know I talk a lot about the importance of running split tests on your site all the time to always be improving conversions.

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The One Essential Ingredient in Every Killer Headline

Self interest. You can be cutesy. You can be clever. You can be absolutely stupid and make the inane assumption that your audience will read the entire sales copy and then understand your cleverly written headline to “tie it all

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One simple change made a 40% increase in conversions

I have recently been running a test on one of my websites (LCD) to try to increase conversions. Trying to increase conversions is one of the 3 things you should always be doing. The test I ran this time was

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Split Testing and NOT Jumping to Conclusions

I’ve been running a test on a site where I pulled off all of the sidebar testimonials.  Testimonials work, right?  My idea was that perhaps the sidebar being removed would increase readability and not make the sales copy quite so

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How to increase website conversions

I recently wrote a post on the 3 best things you can spend your time doing to make more money online, and since then have received requests on going into a little more depth on each of the three things.

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