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How To Install WordPress From Hostgator

Installing WordPress Now that you’ve set up your domain and hosting, you’re now ready start building your own unique website. While there are many ways to build a website, we are looking to create a professional looking website in the

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How To Set Up Hosting For Your Website

Change Your DNS Settings The first thing we must do is to change our DNS settings to point to HostGator. Shortly after completing your purchase of the hosting, you should receive an email from HostGator with some instructions on how

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How To Buy Hosting For Your Website

Now that you’ve purchased your new domain (either by registering a new one or buying an existing domain), the next step is to buy and set up hosting for the domain. Website hosting refers to the service of housing your

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How To Buy An Existing Domain Name

Buying an Existing Domain If the domain you want is already taken, there’s a good chance that you can buy that domain from the owner.  Again, I don’t mean going to a domain registrar like and registering a new,

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How To Start A Website – A Step By Step Guide

I have decided to put together some simple, easy to follow tutorials on starting a website from buying a domain to getting web hosting all the way to getting WordPress installed on your site. I hope these can be a

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