How To Install WordPress From Hostgator

Installing WordPress Now that you’ve set up your domain and hosting, you’re now ready start building your own unique website. While there are many ways to build a website, we are looking to create a professional looking website in the most efficient way possible.  For beginners and veterans alike, we suggest using a content management system (CMS) called WordPress.  WordPress is basically an online publishing application that you’ll use to create your website (everything from it’s appearance to actually adding

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How to Install WordPress – a Step by Step Tutorial

WordPress is, by far, my favorite CMS. Originally built as a blogging platform, it’s quickly become a great content management system with tons of extensibility and limitless customization. Also, WordPress is very SEO-friendly right out of the box. With a few plugins, it becomes your greatest SEO ally. I put together a quick video on how to install WordPress. We did this using GoDaddy because 1) they’re a cheap host, and 2) it’s easy. Most of these instructions will apply

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