How much should a website be making when you sell?

How much should a website be making when you sell it? This was a question I received for one of my Prosperly followers.

The answer to this question is a resounding YES. I know, I know, that doesn’t make any sense. In reality I have no idea what the answer to the question is. I guess a good way to figure it out is to ask yourself how much you want to sell it for.

Let’s say you want to sell your website for $100,000. Then I would say you need to be making at least $100,000 from the website in a 12-24 months or in other words $4k-$8k a month. And I’m talking about net profit here not gross revenues.

I know that is a big range but it really depends on how many months multiple you can get a buyer to pay you for the site. I have sold sites at multiples ranging from 12 months to 7 years and everything in between (the latter was a rare exception).

Now if you go to one of the website marketplaces you can expect about a 12 month multiple. If you use a private buyer it depends on that buyer.

If you want a hard figure that you can count on then just estimate low and base the number off of a 12 month multiple and then when you go to sell really try to get at least 18 months.

I know that I am not giving you a clear cut answer but that is because their is no clear answer. Every website sale you ever participate in will be completely unique.

Adam White is a 20+ year entrepreneur having built and sold 18 internet businesses. He currently runs JustReachOut and SquidVision, a new type of landing page optimization software for SaaS companies, and does SaaS and SEO consulting at He lives in Tennessee with his wife and kids and in between SaaS businesses he writes and directs feature films.

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