How to Install WordPress – a Step by Step Tutorial

WordPress is, by far, my favorite CMS. Originally built as a blogging platform, it’s quickly become a great content management system with tons of extensibility and limitless customization.

Also, WordPress is very SEO-friendly right out of the box. With a few plugins, it becomes your greatest SEO ally.

I put together a quick video on how to install WordPress. We did this using GoDaddy because 1) they’re a cheap host, and 2) it’s easy. Most of these instructions will apply regardless of the host you use.

A few points on installing WordPress:

  • You’ll need to be running Linux.
  • You need to run PHP and mySQL.

That’s basically it. This is the first part in a series I’m putting together regarding WordPress and its many advantages when building sites meant to help you along the Prosperly Way. Enjoy this tutorial on how to install WordPress:

How to Install WordPress from Jesse Mecham on Vimeo.

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