Step 1: How To Make Money Online

Almost every single person who has not started their own website asks me, “what can I do to get started.”

This is the answer to that question. We are going to teach you exactly what we suggest to anyone who wants to build a successful internet business. Whether you want to flip websites or just build valuable internet businesses I think this will help.

Here is the first List:

1. Evaluate Your Interests and Skills – One of the first things we tell people when they come to us wanting to start an internet business is this:

1. Get a piece of paper.
2. Draw a line down the center of it.
3. On one side write “Interests” on the top of the page.
4. On the other side write “Things Im good at” on the top of the page
5.Now fill in the list on both sides.

The “interests” list should be things like hobbies, things you really enjoy doing or reading about.

If you are starting an internet business, you definitely want to go into something you have an interest in. One person I was helping get started came to me and told me they had already started 3
websites and we’re looking for more. One of the websites was a site about dogs.

I asked him why he started that website and he told me he thought there was potential there. “Well are you a dog lover?” I asked. He said not really. “Do you know anything about dogs?” “No.”
So I asked, “then why would you start a website about dogs?”

When you start working on a website you are going to spend many, many hours looking at the same website. You will spend many hours thinking about the industry, coming up with new ideas to make the site better. Choose something you are interested in or you will end up hating your internet business, and that is not good for long term success.

The Second List

The second list “Things I’m Good At” should be of things you are good enough at or know enough about that you could teach other people how to do it. Everyone is good at something. In your life experience you have gained knowledge that not everyone else has. That information can be valuable to other people.

For example it could be how to make rocking chairs, how to replace a variator on a scooter, how to increase your vertical leap etc.

Now that you have this list completed, look at it. These are the industries you should look into when deciding what internet business to start.

I recently spoke with an old friend who called me to tell me he hated his job and wanted the lifestyle I had. (I get these phone calls a lot) I asked him to make this list and since he used to work selling and installing plumbing fixtures I told him one of the things he could put on this list is he knows how to install all types of plumbing products. This is something he could teach other people.

I have a brother that runs a fire restoration company. He has learned the ins and outs of the business and knows what it takes to be successful. He could teach other people about this business.

You will use this list to choose the niche of your website. This list will be the guide as we go out looking for potential websites to buy or a website to start from scratch.

Lookout for step 2 to how we make money online coming soon.


Adam & Jesse

Adam White is a 20+ year entrepreneur having built and sold 18 internet businesses. He currently runs JustReachOut and SquidVision, a new type of landing page optimization software for SaaS companies, and does SaaS and SEO consulting at He lives in Tennessee with his wife and kids and in between SaaS businesses he writes and directs feature films.

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  • Hello this is starting to look very good. I can’t wait for step two.

  • I couldn’t agree more. Considering that many affiliate based sites that people might start will be review sites, this is particularly important. If you will be spending a number of hours each week writing reviews on something, you want to make sure you enjoy the topic or industry. Otherwise you’ll quickly begin to hate sitting down to the computer to write quality content for something that you aren’t interested in at all.

    On the flip side, the reviews can become quite easy and even enjoyable if you’re writing about something that you know and love. I’ve noticed when writing for my site, for example, that it’s actually one of the most fun tasks on my weekly agenda.

    Don’t underestimate this important step!

  • Nice tips, this is a very useful article. I’m looking forward for step 2. Moreover, I just sent you an e-mail. Hoping for a reply. Cheers…

  • A wise man once told me that “Doing what you love is like a day off with pay”.

    It is interesting to me because as i cruise the net looking at different sites I have found lots and lots of people who who have already accomplished this first step because of their passion to create a website about something they love or try to use the net to market a crazy new idea but so many of their sites never ever make a dime bec thats as far as they take it.

    What I have already personally learned from Adam is that it is the following steps and lessons that will turn those broken down and unprofitable sites into money making machines

  • Reading this article reminds of my mistake I did before 2 years ago. I started a blog with, it was my first time, I was so eager and excited because I was blinded by the earning potential of AdSense. So I made my first blog without planning, I was posting any topics I could think of and my pages were filled up with banner ads hoping I would earn this way.

    Well to make the story short, I didn’t earned anything until finally I found out how silly I was and discarded that blog. I learned my lesson the hard way, planning really is very important.

    Very nice article, remind us to start it right at the very beginning of what we do.

  • solid advice to start with and no mention of “nominal fees”. Thank you; will get started today.

  • Yup, you said it right!
    These are the steps people looking to start an online empire should look at. Adam, I think you could have shown an example in the post – by posting a pic – of – the example that you discussed here – by drawing line in the middle of paper, writing interests etc.. this could make people understand things in a better way. Anyways, a good post !!


  • Thats a good point. Maybe I will add that in. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Thanks for the good advice. I have been doing this in my head all week, and when I get home I add to a growing list. (I’ve done it in an Inspiration document, rather than with paper and pen. It works better for me.)

  • Good starting point… But I am a bit lost with my list – it looks very scattered and I really don’t see “my” industry so far. Does anyone has the same problem? Look forward to new posts…Do you want to use my list as an example? Let me know, I will e-mail it to you.

  • The two lists were rather easy to make (take the blinders off) and each will be added to in the near future. What I’m wondering about is if I can turn any of them into a productive site, but I want to try.

  • John Jorgensen

    Adam, Thank You so much for sharing with us. I am a sponge waiting to soak up more. This is something I have been thinking about for a long time. I have been looking for a mentor to guide me through the process.

  • Adam,
    As Alexs said above, I wish I would have done the same. I was actually looking for somewhere else on this site to ask for advice instead of airing my dirty laundry here in the open; however, me & my fiance have been searching the on-line business market for the past few months for just some legitimate form of residual income w/out a grand form of credit for initial investment capital just to have a residual form of income. Is this possible? As I was saying, I am a 2nd. yr undergraduate student working for my BA in Psychology; I am for the first time in my life drawing unemployment as it is extremely hard getting a job where I am @; and it is looking like it will be this way for a while here. We are having to live off of what I am drawing on unemployment + what we have saved up to this point (not much!!) + some other suppliments and needless to say, as with everyone things are tough. I know a good bit about computers, but feel very vaulnerable @ this time as I am just starting to learn about partnering, domains, and websites and what it takes to run one for legitimate profit. I was saying that I wish I would have found this site to begin with because I am wondering whether I made a mistake in finally deciding on DMO (Data Money Online) & if we should even go this route or ask for a refund as I have already encountered a couple of problems (mainly my own @2 the present). Any advice (besides continue studying the e-mails you’re sending me)????

  • Excellent. Thanks Adam!

  • Great article Adam, this is exactly what I tell my friends to do when they ask me to explain how to get started.

  • Very critical guidance and I couldn’t agree more. After reading this for the 4th time and getting a little frustrated with my list, a thought finally clicked in my brain, now I better get to work!

  • I can read about this stuff all day long, thanks for the write up my friend!

  • I am so new to all this online, the more I read the more I realize there’s so much more for me to learn, thanks for the awesome post I will be back!

  • I really appreciate you taking the time to post this info for readers like me to read. :)

  • It is easy to go in circles with overload in marketing on the net. I get confused with so much conflicting advice from the so called gurus. So many blogging systems seem to say that you need to set up 1000 websites, blah, blah, blah. That does not sound fun at all. I resonate much more with what you are saying- to work with what you know already, and build a business.

  • Thank you for letting us know “How to get into the website business”.

  • Great Article, it’s encourage to make money online, thanks for it.

  • Adam,

    I’m making my list! Awaiting the next installment patiently.

  • Thanks Adam,

    This is the kind of help I have been looking for. I look forward to learning all you are willing to share.

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