Make Money Posting Links On Google is a SCAM!!

Yesterday I came across a Google ad on someone’s website. The ad caught my eye because they touted how they made $7k a month posting links on Google. So I clicked on the ad and it was a story about a young guy who believe it or not grew up in the exact city where my office is.

Since he made a point to mention it twice I knew something was fishy. Also the product the guy was selling how to make money posting links on Google. Just the terminology behind this product threw up a huge red flag.

Anyway, I went through the sales copy and saw all these pictures of Google checks he was saying was proof of income yet conveniently all of the Pay To The Order of names were blacked out. So he tells me how he and his new wife just bought their new Range Rover with the money they made posting links on Google.

At that point I knew the whole thing was a scam. If you claim to make $7k a month ($84k a year) there aint no way you’re buying a new Range Rover which is a $90k car.

Anyway, I was on another website this morning and low and behold I saw another ad that looked very similar to the one I found yesterday.


So of course I clicked on it and low and behold it was another website touting the exact same thing.

In fact, by some rare coincidence this guy grew up in the same town that my office is in (their websites are just looking at my IP address and then saying they grew up in that town), and he also was recently married and with the money he made from posting links on Google bought the exact same Range Rover (even used the same picture).

This kind of crap happens all of the time and people get duped into thinking they are buying a product from someone who is sincere about how they make money online.

The point of this is that there are probably hundreds if not thousands of these clone websites that these people just replace their name and pictures and try to convince you that they really have made money posting links on Google.

I am going to show you what the website looks like so that if you see it you know NOT TO BUY ANYTHING from them:


This is the sign up page all of these sites point to:


Updated 4/16/2009

Many people have been asking us if there is a legitimate way to make money posting links on Google (or with Adsense sites) and the answer is yes. We have some good friends over at who do an awesome job teaching people in a legitimate way how to make money with adsense. Check them out if that is what you are looking for.

Update 5/5/2009

Thanks to our readers who have pointed out that these guys are now creating different websites that don’t have the same Range Rover and different pictures of checks but be forewarned that it is the same offer. Here is a snapshot of the new page:


Update 6/3/2009

One of our readers sent me the link to this site. Another version of the scam:


UPDATE: 9-3-2009

We have found probably the most clever attempt to con people that these guys have come up with yet. They went out and bought the website and set it up to look like a Yahoo Answers or something similar. The website has no home page at all, just a sub page that makes t look like someone asked about this Google links thing and then all these “real people” respond with how great it is. DON’T FALL FOR IT PEOPLE!!

Here is what the page looks like:


Update 12-9-09

I found this article this morning on our local news website talking about Google fighting back against these scammers. Here is a link to the article and below is the news clip:

Video Courtesy of

Update July 2011

One of the latest tactics these rat holes are using is to build a fake news website and then write an “article” that supposes that someone made a lot of money using their system.

This Is A Fake News Website

These guys have been doing this for over 2 years now and you probably are wondering how they are still in business. Well if you read the fine print they put at the bottom of these news pages and all of their other scam pages they cover themselves legally.

What Kind Of News Site Has Terms And Conditions On The Footer of the Home Page?

Among other things they say in their terms and conditions that “this blog, and any page on this website, are not to be taken literally or as a non-fiction story.

The audacity! They prey on the fact that we as humans are too lazy to read the fine print. They say right in the footer that the whole thing is a lie.

Lesson here is take the time to read the fine print.

New To Prosperly?

If this is your first visit to Prosperly, this post explains a lot about what we do here. You can also read about the Prosperly Way.


Adam White is a 20+ year entrepreneur having built and sold 18 internet businesses. He currently runs JustReachOut and SquidVision, a new type of landing page optimization software for SaaS companies, and does SaaS and SEO consulting at He lives in Tennessee with his wife and kids and in between SaaS businesses he writes and directs feature films.

699 comments On Make Money Posting Links On Google is a SCAM!!

  • Teena carpenter

    I never received what I order. You had to type in your name and other information and pay the $1.97 shipping charge. I paid it and next thing I looked on my bank statement, there was a charge of $72.21. Please look before you leap. This is a SCAM!!!

  • man, seriously i wish there was a SUPER LIKE button for this article that you (Adam) wrote. very well written and thanks for unveiling the truth

  • thank u for exposing these criminals,it seems that there are many people taking advantage of others misery in this bad economy .

  • Wow! I can’t believe scamming has now gone up to these heights! Thanks

  • Thank you Adam for all these clue: I nearly fall a victim before I stumbled here. I apply from the ‘7 days news web’ because it looks genuine to me, After putting the whole of my information to purchase; my card was not chargeable; then I gave up! I Believe God saved me. I pray they don’t have my data including my card info. because I imputed it on their purchase site.

  • wow..tanks man..i was looking at that news daily 7 website..almost got that site try clicking the sign up or in buton..IT DONT WORK..and the entertainment,leasure,sports,health buttons dont work..thanks man.

  • I thought I could buy into the program meanwhile I decided to comb the web for more details whether its true or not when I cam across your website.

    Thanks guy, am on my toes running away from such false products.

    Many thanks.

  • Hi Adam, (Sorry for the name mix-up i.e. Mark)

    I’ve been trying to fight unemployment for a while by searching for genuine ways of making income off and online but often hit a deadlock of scams.

    I’ve been trying to get into the but it seems pay-pal is not in the country (Nigeria) i reside. Is there any other way to get in aside from paypal?

    Can i get in via a VISA or Master card?

    Is there any other genuine online income program like yours that make use of a VISA or Master Card?

    Please i’ll appreciate your prompt response.


  • I checked 2 website, in one website a lady says she is earning $500 per day from google adsense and few fake cheques of google in the profile. Thanks for update some scam websites in your post. Hope people will be aware of buying the products from them.

  • Hi All
    can someone actually recommend a site or product. Or is all programs is scam?

  • So..out of much do you get paid to have individuals veiw this site?

  • Yup I’ve seen a lot of these sites you guys are talking about,and I always click right out of them too. Especially the ones that look like a news article and they say the person comes from your city. LOL I see those a lot! OMG they are such a load of crap! I don’t really trust any of these work at home things at all! This is a really good message board BTW! Love it!

  • I will like to know if there is a real way to work posting lind on line without the scam. Do you know of any sites that they will be hirigh or that we can really get information withot been con. When people are looking for a job, most of the time they do not have any monye to put up for byign a product.

    Please if you have info regarding a job on line please let me know thank. blessing.

  • Great article,

    Yes many people believe these scams.But the truth is only these sites make money selling promises … The only one way to make some cash online is paid surveys for me.Well … you won’t become rich, but you will make some extra cash.Several months ago I started and I’m glad for my decision.Also it is 100% free.

  • my question is I would like to do this to earn some money but if I am totally broke and have exactly 2 dollars to my name how can I join with no money and trust im not kidding im even on medical for indigent people because for a year now I have been trying to get my social security which is also a joke but anyways Im at the end of my rope because I have back and knee problems and cant sit,walk or stand for 2 long. Any ideas to help me would be favored please am begging

  • Is this one of the scammers?

  • Hi, All,

    A guy who I know when I need audio services [he isn’t a friend of mine or anything like that] sold me this new money making tutorial system developed by some unknown author for $25 and on the last day of my free trial I asked him for a refund which he returned within like 7 days later. I’m not sure about all the legalese, but I did get chance to peek at the whole thing.

    First of all, the “read me” section warns about reading any other sections which would be in other files or you don’t get a refund.

    Is that legal?

    Anyway, I simply didn’t tell the seller that I peeked :)
    I mean I could have easily opened the instructions file without realizing that I wasn’t supposed to. This is a stupid condition, right?

    The tutorial costs $25-$50 because according to the reseller, you’re getting the “master rights” which the tutorial argues is more valuable than the regular resell and reprint rights combined.

    So you’re buying information to resell information, is that a scam? Meh.

    OK, so by the time you’ve read the main instructions text file, you know the secret to the “system” and you can steal it right off and even keep a nice song that came included with the materials [says in the read me file anyway].

    So what does this “tutorial” teaches you? It teaches how to sell the same thing using you bought, LOL!

    You follow he instructions “to the letter”, watch a 5 minute video and voila! You are ready to sell digital downloads. ha, ha.

    Is this stupid idea, illegal and dishonest, or not?
    To tell you the truth I don’t know if this is the most clever or the dumbest way to give your music away, assuming that the song didn’t belong to the seller and he was just able to get it licensed to resell the product.

    There are two versions to this tutorial, one is the packaged version which you can get it sent to you via US mail and it cost $50.00, or the digital download version which is cheaper and that I bought for $25.00.

    Seriously, I wonder if this is legal or is it a scam.

    Can somebody please, help me figure that out, because now that I know how the system works, I want to try to resell it online and keep all the money for myself.

    Many thanks for your help!


  • Ana, I have posted this before but my good friend Mark Butler over at the Keyword Academy teaches how to honestly make money with Google Ads.

  • Oh Good Grief people, learn to spell! Some of the train-wreck comments above are so riddled with butchered words that it’s a wonder some of you can walk upright, much less detect a scam.

    Feel free to rip into me about my judgmental superiority; I am making popcorn now, and looking forward to the entertainment.

    CLUE: The jagged, bright red underline beneath every other word in your post means SOMETHING’S WRONG WITH IT!!!!

    I especially like the way some of you admitted online that you fell for a blatant scam hook, line and sinker, THEN pulled your skepticism out of mothballs to try to discredit the folks over at the Keyword Academy. If you can’t tell the difference, your situation is hopeless.

    Who’s the bigger fool? The fool or the man who attempts to argue with a fool? (thanks Gramma I finally get it)

  • My apologies Mr. or Ms. Moderator, I got carried away and that was way too brutal. I understand you’ve got to pull it, but I know you get it at the same time. LOL

  • Online Profit Masters is another clone of this scam. WATCH OUT!

  • Just Alerting that they are at it again. Just had a email sent to me from a friends yahoo account that was hacked and this offer was sent out to all his contacts in that account. So beware of this going on again and do not be hard on your freind as their email account may of been hacked.


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  • Gret post and yes it is true that there are fake advertising just to squeeze money out people’s pocket. These people affects every individuals who offers legit and effective courses and opportunity in making money online.

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  • I almost fell for it.

  • Look guys that is true it is a scam…and it is a real shame that corrupt people take advantage of nice people trying to live the American dream! I to wanted to make money from home, and after studying a lot! and a lot of money and mistakes later, I am making income on a website I built, and monetized all on my own, if you are wondering how you to can do this visit my website it explains all of what you have to do to get started…:)

    Good Luck,

  • Thanks for the info. I received the scam ad of the News 7 Daily re: Kelly Richards “rags to riches” story yesterday. I was interested in it because internet link posting sounded legitimate. In researching scams I came across your link. No, I did not sign up for it. They will not accept personal checks or Money Orders. I will not give financial info out over the internet nor do I have CC or debit cards to avoid fraudulent actions. My cash and checks are good enough locally, therefore good enough elsewhere. If they do not accept them, then it is their loss. Thank you again for the heads up.

  • Thanks. I had already given them my e-mail and phone number but as soon as they asked me to invest $25, I knew something was going on and I simply googled “google link scam” which got me here.
    Oh well, I guess it was too good to be true.

  • It is so sad that people continue to be scammed online. I currenly work from home as a Utlities Broker its my own business i have been with the company for over 6 months now and i love it. It’s recession proof. Good luck everyone.

  • Thank you, your site should have more hits in it to bring this to the top results, it really does help. Especially when people gets desperate and try things like a scam like this, it opens up the point of view. Thanks again!

  • So glad I read this article. Thank you for doing the research and saving me from making a big mistake. Alot of people are looking for ways to make money from home and I guess there are plenty of people preying on the desires of unsuspecting people.

  • Best way to make money and create traffic.

  • David Domincki

    Hi my friend! I wish to say that this article is amazing, nice written and come with almost all significant infos. I’d like to peer extra posts like this.

  • Hey there and thank you for the above info

  • where are the real link posting jobs

  • just read one of those ads as it kept flashing up. the woman seems genuine however what i noticed was that she describes how and why she got started, but it became apparent she employs a number of persons to get people to sign up for £50 or $50 at a time so lets say she has 1000 sign up each day that is 50,000 now from reading her slips that she displays for each hour there is a 50$ or £ deduction however over a month this extends to 5,000 out of 10,000 worth of income so 1000 people get her 5,000,000 per month so she is the boss employing all the advisors (she clearly states “we have advisors to help and guide you they also send you emails and lists”) and therefore she is the boss she doesnt want to answer to.

  • hi, Dear sir
    I have visit your site which is useful.i am trying to do some job to make both ends meet. unfortunately, i could not find the real people to work with.
    i wan to do ad-posting job would you kindly tell me the real sites.

  • i am looking for on line jobs please which site is real to do work with

  • I almost made the same mistake and have been saving my money to get started posting links. I don’t know a thing how to post a link to begin with but wanted to learn. Thanks so much for this heads up!

    For the unfortunate ones who have sent in their money, what exactly happened after you sent your dollars in? Did you get a kit or what? Did you hear back or what?

    Thanks for any info you can tell all the unfortunate one and the ones about to be ripped off.


  • SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great info to alert people about these scams No such a thing as a free meal well done my friend these guys should be put before the courts

  • make money online only by liking pages.its as simple as you have not even thought of! i suggest you to get start now and get paid!

  • great to be here

  • what of these sites;
    1. clicksure

  • I learned it the hard way. I read an article on the local newspaper about a woman making money by posting links. Since it’s an interview written by the reporter, I believed it. I went to the website the woman mentioned on the article and spend $77 to buy the kit. Spent many hours listening to the kit and got a little idea of how: they will help you build a website for a fee and monthly fee, too. I then realize it’s a scam. I asked for refund. Someone replied and said they will upgrade my membership free. Stupid me. I logged back in and was charged another $99. I was very upset and asked for both refund. It took three days to get my money back.

  • Is there a leagel way to make money posting links

  • Porfirio Covarrubio

    Hey guys, this might seem abit spammy, but I bought this guys book and i wont say i made a killing like most claim to but i definatley made some sort of sustainable income!

  • Yes there is ways to make money online google adsense is a way i just started to use it. and already made a lil money

  • existe um curso gratuito de ganhar dinhero com net

  • Kenneth Thompson

    Just checking this website out about posting links to get paid. If you have some info. as to its validity or not I would like to hear from you. Homeincomecashmachine The CEO is Janet Rhodes.

  • I place links and make more than 7000 a month. I didn’t pay anyone in-order to do so however..

  • These “link posting jobs” are B.S Tried it but never worked :/
    I thank goodness I found something else, a REAL investing company that makes the money work for YOU! :)

  • Irene Rao from China mainland want to make money much more

  • Thanks friend… thinking to buy the kit but after reading ur blog w’ll not buy

  • There are a lot of people looking for the golden egg on the internet and they want to know what is the best way to make money online. Is it affiliate marketing, clickbank or an real produce. I think the true wealth from home secret is find a product or service you like, resource it and stick with it. :)

  • i would appriciate any help on finding legitimate work on line.

  • I believe everything said made a bunch of sense. However, consider this,
    suppose you were to create a killer headline?
    I am not saying your content is not solid, however suppose you added a post title that makes people desire more?

    I mean Make Money Posting Links On Google is
    a SCAM!! | is a little boring. You
    should look at Yahoo’s home page and see how they create news headlines to get viewers to open the links. You might add a video or a picture or two to grab people excited about everything’ve got
    to say. Just my opinion, it could bring your website a little
    bit more interesting.

  • thanks a lot

  • They are still selling the same scam, I just saw another page from them today.

  • Sirbhanu Painulee

    I am 50yrs old , want to work and earn from home by using my computer and broadband conection, please suggest me if any legal site is there .


  • I as well am looking for an income from home. I am not looking to be a millionaire, just need to pay the bills and have a little extra. I do not mind working at the computer to achieve this. My husband is sick and I need to be able to be home with him. Can anyone be of honest help?

  • Fidel Mccrary

    A very simple way to make money online is to write blogs. Surely you know what a blog is. It is an online diary. All you need to start is a blog site that you can get for free in some blogging platforms. There are also platforms where you can buy a site if you want it to be professional looking so the choice is yours. After getting a site, choose a topic that will be the focus of your blog site. It has to be something you really know a lot about because you will be expected to write quality articles as often as you can. At this point you may be wondering where the money will come from. Money will come from advertisers who will post their ads on your site. You can get advertisers by enlisting your blog in advertising networks. They will be the ones to look for advertisers for you. All you need is to make sure that your blog site gets a lot of readers regularly.,^^`

  • What about this I find it a scam! home-income-program(dot)com/OnlineIncome_Info also when you put your phone number and email address..into request information you think is only refers to that sitem.but I’ve had 3 different people call me and won’t even explain how the “online income” works ..and they were from 3 different companies.

  • I truly wish there was a legitimate work at home job available as I am disabled and would love to do something at home on the computer……Any real jobs out there?

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