One Change to Sales Copy, Sales up 33% — Use Google’s Website Optimizer

On one of my sites I decided to add some inline video (hosted via YouTube) to demonstrate some important aspects of the product.  I made four videos in about 20 minutes and was all set.  These are not professionally done at all — simple screencasts of me working through the software and talking.

At any rate, I placed the four videos in their relevant sections of the sales copy and began a splittest:

Original:  The user would click on a link, which would open a new browser window and launch a screencast I had made using Camtasia.  There was no audio, just popup bubbles explaining things.

New: The user sees the embedded videos right there inline.  The videos are about the same content-wise, but have audio of me explaining things as I go — no popup bubbles requiring reading.

The results have been phenomenal:

Boosting Sales Using Google's Website Optimizer

As you can see it’s holding very strong (98 conversions are enough for a statistically significant result…standing on its own) at 3.34% conversion.  Granted, Google’s Website Optimizer says it doesn’t have enough data to declare a high-confidence winner yet, but 97.4% was high enough to merit writing this post.

So what are some key takeaways from this?

  1. It’s fairly obvious that visitors (at least in my niche) respond well to video.
  2. 20 minutes of work can boost sales 33%.

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