Is Google ruining internet investing?

I have to say I am so sick and tired of the stupid changes Google is making. They are trying so hard to stop people from doing SEO that they have completely lost their way. Their search results are ridiculously bad. I am almost always going to Bing now if I need to search for something.

For the past 10 years I have relied on Google for my main income. I have always been able to achieve high rankings for almost every key phrase I have ever targeted. I have always promoted SEO as such a great strategy because it is free traffic from people who are looking for exactly what you offer.

But the time has come now that I can no longer preach that same message to people without giving you a warning. Here is the warning message I give you: “If you make SEO your main source of website traffic Google may pull the rug out from underneath you at any time.”

Google doesn’t care about you or your business. As a power hungry monopoly Google has decided to make stupid hasty decisions on how they will calculate search results. They have decided that they don’t want people using SEO to get high rankings and the only way they can stop it is to penalize anyone who has done any advanced SEO at anytime in the past.

You are almost better off doing the opposite of SEO to promote your website. If something seems logical to do to optimize your site, think of the opposite of that thing and try it. You may end up at the top of Google before you know it.

I am speaking in jest of course when I say do the opposite but the point is you just can’t trust any of the changes they are making. In the past 2 years they have had about 12 big algorithm updates and it doesn’t seem like they have any plans of slowing down.

So what does this mean if you are trying to buy websites? You have to be really careful about buying a website that has search traffic as it’s main source of traffic.

What you need to look for:

Google had their biggest updates hit starting in April of 2012. If you are looking to buy a website you need to get traffic proof from before then to see if there has been any major drops in traffic at any point from April of 2012 until now.

Doing this still won’t guarantee that the site is safe from taking a big hit in Google but it will at least show you that up until now they have avoided any Google penalties. Not too many site that know anything about SEO can say that.

If a person that has a site that is older than one year old and they are saying that didn’t put analytics on their site until recently they are lying to you. Don’t buy from them.

If someone promotes that they have done aggressive SEO campaigns on a site (as if that were a good thing anymore) they are probably in line to get hit by a Google update. If you can’t get a smoking deal on the site don’t buy.

The types of sites you should be looking for are sites that have shown steady growth in search traffic over the last 12 months. If you can find a site like that you will most likely be able to avoid Google penalties from surprising you as soon as you take the site over. (I speak from experience)

I love being my own Boss

I just got back last night from a trip to Disneyland with my family. My wife on Monday morning says to me “why dont we go to Disneyland today?” I was surprised at this level of spontaneity from her which isnt her style but I liked it so I said yes.

We packed up that day and took off in the afternoon to drive down there. We had a really fun 3 days at the parks. Our kids of course had the time of their lives as well. It was fun being there during Halloween season. That was a first for our kids.

I realize what a great thing it is that I have the freedom to just at any moment pick up and go do something really fun. I didnt have to request time off, or beg an employer to let me go. I also had the means to do it which is obviously an important part of the equation.

I am just feeling grateful for the life I have and the freedom I enjoy. I also finished the short film I emailed all of my Prosperly followers about. It came out really good and I will post a link to it in the near future.

Latest Google Update – Exact Match Penalty

Some of you might have noticed a severe drop in traffic over the weekend to one or more of your websites. You are not alone. Google as they have been so eager to do lately has decided to implement yet another major update to their algorithm.

This one seems to have targeted exact match domains. In other words if you own a website where the domain is the exact match of a phrase that gets searched often in Google.

For example, if you own the website that would be an exact match for the phrase motorcycle insurance and up until last weekend you would have an immediate advantage in the search results for that phrase. It became much easier for you to rank on page one of Google

It looks like what they have done is really penalized exact match domain websites that don’t have a ton of content or links. In other words, the automatic bonus you got from just being an exact match domain is now gone.

I still think there is an advantage to having an exact match domain and you will rank highly and quickly if you do the rest of your SEO the right way.

So what is the real net effect of this update? If you do SEO the right way regardless of what your domain name is, you will have success. Sounds ground breaking right?

You Want To Make Money Online? Have An Awesome Product…

I just got back from a 2 day trip down to Nevada. I went to a firearms training course (I affectionately call it “Superhero Training”) where I was trained on using my handgun properly and in defensive situations. The training was intense and I gained a new respect for my hand gun including a new emphasis on safety.

The instructors were awesome and friendly, the facility was top notch and there were at least 300 people there taking one course or another.

They actually offer training with tactical shotguns, sniper rifles, defensive driving, double edge weapons, repelling and much more. This truly is like Disneyland for grownups.

Here is the best part. I paid $250 for a high level membership that allows me to take courses there for free for the rest of my life.

For the entire 2 days I was trying to figure out how they were making money. To quote Bill Murray in The Man Who Knew Too Little, “You guys can’t be making a dime on this.” But they are making money. It was abundantly clear that this business is thriving.

Most of the students there were not members. You could pay $1000 for a single course. In fact it is even very hard to buy a membership unless you get put on their email list and the owner sends you out an offer to snatch up a membership which only happens once in a while. (Great scarcity ploy).

That’s right, I said email list. The owner of this company is nothing more than an internet marketer. If you sign up for his email list you will get emailed almost every day from the owner of the site. The emails are clearly effective. They run about 300-600 students through the facility every week.

This is a great example of how to apply traditional internet marketing to a physical business. He gets students coming from around the country to take courses there.

How do they do so well? Two reasons, one, the internet marketing is done the right way. Two, the product is amazing. I only spent 2 days there (they have a 4 day handgun course as well) and I had a blast. I would go back in a heart beat. I have told as many people as would listen to me about my experience. Why? Because it was an experience worth talking about.

That’s how I heard about it. I have two friends from different circles that took a 4 day handgun course and they both raved about it. One of those guys is the one I bought the membership from as he bought like 10 of them when they became available.

There are so many products out there that really are just a pile of feces wrapped in a good sales letter. Everyone wants to make money online but the thing that gets overlooked 90% of the time, is the actual product you are going to be selling.

When I put together my training course on how to find and buy undervalued internet businesses I spent 90% of my time working on the actual course and 10% of my time working on selling it. I probably lost out on some sales of the product but I know I built a quality product.

I got an email from one of my students taking the Prosperly course over the weekend. This is what he said:

“Hope you are having fun shooting. I love your course, you did a fantastic job. You certainly know what you are doing.”

It makes me feel good to get that kind of feedback.

So how can you apply this information into your own internet business? If you are trying to sell a product online, make the product as awesome as you can. Give more than you want to. Kill your customers with kindness and that will create an experience worth talking about.