Buying A Website? These tools will help you find your diamond in the rough…

Don’t run the risk of buying a website that is going to be a huge money pit. Get all of the information you need to buy a website that will make you money!

Here is my big “secret”, the tools I have been using to snatch up all of the websites that I can turn around quickly and make serious money.
It was these tools that I used to find a hidden gem in one of the most competitive industries out there. The theory behind these tools allowed me to find a site for $500 and turn around and sell it less than a year later for $150k. These tools work!

We’ll let you know when it’s ready!

website evaluation toolProsperly Website Analyzer

Quickly and easily analyze a potential site for purchase, or gain critical insights into your competition with a single click. We include the why behind each metric with in-depth explanations.  Since a large marjority of our time is spent analyzing potential website purchases, the Prosperly Analyzer has saved us mountains of time–doing for us in a few seconds what otherwise was a tedious and laborious task.

Website Analyzer PlusProsperly Website Analyzer Plus

You’ll have all of the functionality of the Prosperly Website Analyzer, as well as some more powerful features. The Analyzer Plus provides critical metrics for a purchase target, but takes it one step further by also analyzing the site’s potential in relation to the specified industry/niche. You’ll gain access to our proprietary YesNo Algorithm, which will give you a quick ranking of the site’s attractiveness as a purchase target.

prosperly prospectorProsperly Prospector

This tool allow you to find extremely cheap purchase targets in your target niche. Save hours of time looking up key stats on potential targets, whois contact information, etc. and let the Prospector do the work for you. Prospecting is truly where the money is made, and this tool helps you do it right the first time. The Prospector generates a list of targets and includes key information to let you quickly determine where the quick wins are, and what needs to be done to hit a home run.

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