$24,671.80 in one month from one website

Well I just got back from the bank where I deposited a big fat check (Actually it was two checks but a big fat sum of $24,671.80). This was payment from one of the websites I run. I’m sure your curious about the website but because of the industry I can’t give you the url. I know that is a cop out and hypocritical since I preach having no “website secrets”. All I can do is tell you that is

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I just turned down a $32,160 offer for my website

Recently Clearvieweducation.com has made some good improvements in it’s search engine rankings (#4 for online college degrees). Within a 24 hour span I received two emails from different companies asking if I would consider selling the site. Of course I said I would if the price was right. Well after sharing the site info and revenue I got a legitimate offer for the site at $32,160. Here is a snapshot of the email: Now you need to understand that Clearvieweducation.com

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I made $359 while golfing!

I went golfing this morning. I shot one birdie and one par and many double bogeys. The weather and scenery was awesome. We played 9 holes which normally will be enough for me but I was ready for more. When I came back to the office and I checked my email I had made $300 from LawnCareDirectory.com and another $59 from Clearvieweducation.com. All of it happened while I was golfing. So I got paid to golf…I guess that makes me

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