Social Media Has No Future

I’m sure you are already ready to post some nasty comments on this blog about how big of an idiot I am. Before you do that, please hear me out. I have recently come across two prominent (Shoemoney, The Simple Dollar) bloggers in the blogosphere that both had written posts about how SEO doesn’t really matter and how SEO has no future. I understand that they both wrote these posts to generate buzz but the message they are sending is

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Is Google’s Keyword Tool Accurate?

I love the fact that Google has started showing search volume on their free keyword tool. A couple of things you need to be careful of. Make sure you change the “Match Type” to exact in their drop down menu. – Google defaults to show you the broad match for key phrases which is helpful for PPC but not for SEO. In order to get an accurate gauge of search volume for a specific keyword you need to see the

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