The Bat Phone. Figure Out Where You Add Value and Do that Relentlessly.

Back toward the end of the real estate boom I was working on a project with a guy that was an absolute master when it came to buying and flipping real estate. He had perfected an evaluation system that basically made it easy enough for almost the layman to go to a house, fill out the spreadsheet, and have it pump out a thumbs-up/thumbs-down on the house.

He bought and sold 90 houses (clearing about $7k on each) in 2004, 120 houses in 2005, and 185 houses in 2006 (also, in 2006 he was clearing about $12k per house — mainly because he could be pickier).

He spent the vast majority of his time evaluating potential deals. He was always evaluating deals. He had a special phone he carried with him that he affectionately called the bat phone. Since they were paying for leads, and leads came on a round-robin system to him as a franchisee through that phone, he ALWAYS had it with him.

Now the question that you need to ask yourself is, what’s your bat phone? And are you spending the majority of your time on tasks that only YOU can do, that are adding value to your internet business?

We spend the vast majority of our time evaluating websites for sale, potential industries to get into (and then related websites for sale), and contacting websites that aren’t even listed for sale (more on that later). Also, when you can focus on one simple success metric, it makes it that much easier to have that laser-like focus.

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