The Final Word on AdWords

AdWords is not the end-all-be-all to your traffic strategy.  It is one piece of what should be a diversified pie.  If you find yourself depending too much on PPC, then you need to make sure you’re building out other traffic sources while still optimizing and improving your AdWords strategy.  AdWords can be extremely profitable if done right, and can be a complete money pit if done poorly.  On I, we see ROI in the hundreds of percent.  If we’re spending $10 getting a visitor to purchase something, we’ve pulled in $30 or $40 at least.

The beautiful thing about AdWords, and how it fits in so nicely with the Prosperly Way, is the fact that it doesn’t require you to be there for it to be doing work.  You set things up (which may take several hours, even several days depending on your goals and market) and then from there it’s just a lot of tweaking.  You tweak, you go play golf.  You tweak, you go play with your kids.  You tweak, and maybe you go to your day job.  At the end of the day you’ll (likely) have your results and you tweak again.  Remembering all along that those little tweaks are making you hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

AdWords Resources

Here are some resources I’ve found to be invaluable in making AdWords extremely profitable:


Expanding Your Skillset (if AdWords will be a key component of your traffic strategy)

Definitive Guide to Google AdWords Perry Marshall is the leading expert on taking your AdWords skills to the next level. I run very profitable campaigns, and a few of his strategies have truly put them over the top.

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