Understanding the Upside of a Niche — Clarity

Not all niches are profitable (measuring of course profit / time, not just profit absolutely).  Not all niches will work for you.

But when you have the choice of building out a site that is about clothing, my recommendation would be to focus on attractive female sweaters for large women.

Once you have a true niche, you can dive deep and be insanely profitable on a per visitor basis.

With your focus on a market that small, you won’t get a lot of traffic, but your traffic will be qualified and ready to spend.  Why?  They’ve found just what they’re looking for.

When you’re focusing on a niche, you have clarity.  It’s much easier to develop and execute on a strategy that’s all about female sweaters for large women.  Much easier than focusing on ‘clothing’ — or even ‘women’s clothing’.

That’s part of the upside of a niche.  Your clarity will be greater, so your execution will be better.

The other upside of your niche is the fact that you’re offering only one (or very few) things to your customers.  They have clarity.  They know exactly what you’re about.  You dive deep with them and tell them why you’re the absolute best when it comes to womens’ plus-size sweaters.  No, you don’t do shoes.  But you know sweaters and how they should be cut for plus-size women, and you’re a master at it.

That clarity converts.

I’d rather have 50 visitors out of 1000 convert, than 5 out of 5000.

Niche’s cost per visitor as far as traffic acquisition goes is much cheaper, even if you’re going the “free” organic search engine route.  Why?  You don’t deal with near the competition, and also you don’t deal with people that don’t really know what they’re looking for anyway.

Sales copy in a niche is simple because your audience is small enough, all you need to do is speak directly to them.

Niches rule.

And yes, there are still plenty of niches available where you can make money.

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