What Googles New Declaration Means For Internet Marketing

As many of you have surely heard Google has made the declaration that they are changing the way they will report search traffic to website owners.

The bottom line is that if someone is signed into their Google account and then does a google search and ends up at your website, their search query will not show up in your analytics.

So what does this mean for internet marketing?
I personally have always held the belief that it is more important to be proactive than reactive. I don’t necessarily base my internet marketing decisions based on what has already happened, but rather what I want to have happen.

I admit that not knowing how much traffic a certain key phrase is actually bringing will make it harder to determine which phrases to target more aggressively, but the fact that google is doing this plays right into my theory of going after long tail key phrases when I do SEO.

If you put all of your eggs in one key phrase basket then this change might effect you more that it would me. What ultimately matters to me is that I get traffic that converts into sales. In the end I don’t care if they searched donkey socks or internet marketing, as long as they buy my product.

So what should you do?
Do exactly what you have been doing. Create good content, build quality links and test your landing pages to increase conversions. I guess not much has changed has it.

Adam White is a 20+ year entrepreneur having built and sold 18 internet businesses. He currently runs JustReachOut and SquidVision, a new type of landing page optimization software for SaaS companies, and does SaaS and SEO consulting at Prosperly.com. He lives in Tennessee with his wife and kids and in between SaaS businesses he writes and directs feature films.

7 comments On What Googles New Declaration Means For Internet Marketing

  • Nice post but I don’t get why they are changing the system though.

  • Google always changes their stuff, that’s part of what keeps SEO companies in business, having to spend all their time adapting to whatever Google decides to do this month.

  • I think it may be helpful when you go online and log in that they look at all your online activity and link it together. I am with you on the fact is all I am ultimately after is the traffic.
    Let’s wait and see.

    All the best Ian

  • Google has changed a lot in years, Ex: “I am feeling Lucky” is not so lucky, ie, Google is giving some real guidelines to make a a search friendly website for everyone. I think Google really rules the web. And SEO is the Minister who advice Google, what to do with their client’s website.

  • Mmmnh, it was more of a bullying thing, I think.

  • Dragutin Movrin

    Yes, nothing significant has changed in high quality SEO, when it comes to constant Google changes.

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