What I learned about social media from a lemonade stand

Yesterday as I pulled up to my driveway after a long hard days work (wink, wink) I noticed my 7 year old son Boston in the front sitting at a small table with a pitcher of lemonade. It took me a minute before I realized that he had a lemonade stand set up.

This really took me by surprise as I would have expected him to be too scared to try something like that on his own. I had noticed that over the last couple of weeks he had been making a lot of lemonade and I was wondering why he was making so much. Now I realize that what he really was doing was perfecting his product.

So I got out of my truck and just kind of stood there and watched as one kid after another came up to his stand and paid $.25 for a cup of lemonade. As one kid would buy some other neighborhood kids would see the goings on and come over and ask if my son was selling lemonade. They would then run home and get money and come buy a glass for themselves.


I stood and watched perplexed as these kids all wanted to be part of this event of buying their own glass of lemonade. It made me realize a selling principle that is true in both 7 year olds and adults alike. People want to be a part of the thing that everyone else is a part of. That is why social media works so well. That is why our Make Money Posting Links On Google Scam post has over 30 comments on it.

People love to be a part of something big. For my son and the neighborhood kids the “big” thing was buying lemonade at the stand. This is why having a lot of testimonials on your sales page works so well. It creates the sense of “everybody is doing it and you should too”.

So now the goal for you is to harness this knowledge and use it to sell to your visitors. Create an atmosphere of “this is the happening place to be”. Add a forum or open up blog comments on your blog, collect more testimonials…do something to create your own lemonade stand buzz.

Good luck and get social.

Adam White is a 20+ year entrepreneur having built and sold 18 internet businesses. He currently runs JustReachOut and SquidVision, a new type of landing page optimization software for SaaS companies, and does SaaS and SEO consulting at Prosperly.com. He lives in Tennessee with his wife and kids and in between SaaS businesses he writes and directs feature films.

2 comments On What I learned about social media from a lemonade stand

  • An entrepreneur in the making eh?

    It’s been interesting to see how social media has changed not only the way that people communicate and interact with each other, but also the methods and strategies used to market products or services. I’m sure we’ll just see more of in the future.

  • Dang, I sold products from our garden, when I was small, but none of the kids in the neighbourhood wanted to buy. Only a few grandmoms bought salad and carrots. It was not that social.

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