The 3 Best Things You Can Do To Make More Money Online

I have been in the internet marketing world for many years now, but I don’t know everything. In fact there is so much I don’t know that I continually spend time trying to learn new principles. I will attend webinars, join email lists of other internet guru’s and so forth.

As I was reading an email this morning from a internet marketing guy (Jimmy Brown) that specializes in building email lists. We haven’t discussed list building much on Prosperly yet but we will be covering it because it is vital to the success and growth of an internet business.

Anyway, this guru was talking about the 3 things you can spend your time doing that will have the biggest effect on you making more money with your website.

1. Develop your offer – even though I teach that it is effective to push other people’s products as an affiliate, I also teach that if you want to sell your own product that is great too, just make it a digital product. – Anyway you need to have something to offer to sell to people. So spend one day a week working on something you can offer to your visitors. Even if it is a $8 ebook, you should work on this.

2. Build your email list – Again this guru specializes in email lists and I am a very strong proponent of building email lists so this is the second thing you can do. Get a email list going and do all that you can to get more people to sign up. Offer a free report, give a discount on your product but do whatever you can to get them to sign up.

3. Traffic Development – He mentioned this in terms of both increasing the amount of traffic you get to your website, and increasing the conversion of the traffic you are getting. You should always be trying to increase traffic and testing things on your site to get better conversions.

If you spend most of your time doing these 3 things, I guarantee you will make money online.

13 thoughts on “The 3 Best Things You Can Do To Make More Money Online

  1. Another great post!

    You need to get a twitter account and the “Tweet This” plugin. I was going to “Tweet” this post, but the icon isn’t available. :(
    Just a suggestion.
    Keep up the good posts.

  2. Adam, are you saying to create a product a week or work on the product each week. Are you looking to create new content to offer or add what you already have? Great post. Thanks for the information.

  3. Libby, You should always be creating new products if it makes sense, or adding onto existing products to make them more valuable. On one of my websites I kept adding to one of my products until I could double my price because I added a ton of value to the product. I doubled my income from that site when I made the change.

  4. Willard Synder

    Thanks for making a post about internet marketing strategies. I may incorporate this into my next work. Thanks once again!

  5. Richard Western

    nice. i could use ideas from webmasters like yourself to have my web sites up to par. great info, well developed.

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