Beautiful Beach In Hawaii + $1600 = Good Day

Today was a great day. My family and I spent the day at a beautiful beach in North Shore here in Oahu. We watched sea turtles, ate fresh pineapple and did some snorkeling as well. I saw an eel in the water which freaked me out a bit but it was about 10 feet down at the bottom of the ocean. It was just a great family bonding time.

I came home tonight and checked the stats for today. I was pleasantly greeted with the following revenue stats for the day:

LawnCareDirectory – $99.95
ClearviewEducation – $384.96
Health Industry Site – $1082.52
Health Industry Site #2 – $94.52

That’s a grand total of $1661.75 that I made in one day while I was in Hawaii at the beach with my family. That is as good of an example of the Prosperly Way that I can possibly show you.

One thought on “Beautiful Beach In Hawaii + $1600 = Good Day

  1. Now that is what I call a paid vacation. See, who ever said that the self-employed could not have paid vacations! I really need to renew my dedication. Thanks for the inspiration!

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