How To Get Ranked On Google In 7 Days With A Brand New Site

So I have been working on a huge project.

For about the last year I have building out a new tool called SEOJet.

It is the answer to a couple of problems that I kept encountering while doing link building.

First, any time I went out and got a link I was always more or less guessing on what the anchor text should be.

Back in the olden days this was fine because I could be wrong and get away with it.

Nowadays you have to be very careful on what your anchor text is, otherwise you could hurt your rankings.

So I just launched SEOJet and have been giving demos to SEO companies mainly.

But I also wanted to be able to reach the masses so I wrote the backstory of SEOJet and how I ended up creating the software and posted it on this post: How To Build Backlinks – A Link Strategy From 5,734 Anchor Texts.

The post itself is about 5000 words long and is awesome. It goes into the in-depth backlink research I did to come to a conclusion on what a number one backlink profile should look like.

I also include a pretty jaw-dropping case study from Guest Post Tracker where I show the results of using SEOJet’s link maps to do my link building and how I was able to get top 3 rankings with about 8 links.

It’s pretty awesome.

So to promote that blog post I got another blogger to link to that post, and then the only other thing I did was I submitted it to and then submitted it to

My strategy here was simply to leverage the popularity of those two sites and hopefully get some views and interaction from their readers.

Note: I did promote the post with a Facebook ad to people interested in SEO to get shares.

For me SEO was a long term play and I didn’t expect to start showing in the search engines for at least a month or two.

What I didn’t expect was this:

In just about 7 days I was showing up in the top 30 for one of my main phrases on a brand new site with an even newer blog post.

Just by getting one link and submitting to those two sites? Crazy.

I think the biggest key here is the content.

Content on it’s own is not worth very much in terms of SEO (for the most part).

But amazing, beefy content with some really good (read: high relevance / authority) links pointing to it make all the difference.

Ironically, this is how I built SEOJet to work. You build out awesome content pieces (I call them SEO power pages) and then start building links to those pages based on the link map SEOJet gives you.

The reason you use the link map is because it helps you always make sure you are building a backlink profile that matches what Google typically will rank #1.

That was as you build a lot of links to the power pages, the link profile always looks natural.

As part of the SEO strategy I will also build backlinks to the home page and other smaller pages but the power pages pass a ton of SEO value to the rest of the site so I send a lot of links their way.

Now obviously for this blog post there is still a lot of work to do to get to the top 3 of Google for the key phrases I am targeting on this page, but to see things happen so quickly with a brand new website is extremely encouraging.

Why Google Penalizing Websites For Links Is A Horrible Idea

When Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google the biggest part of what they built had to do with link building. They generating rankings based on who linked to who, and how often others linked to a site. Most of us in the internet world had come to grasp this and accept it as the key principle in obtaining high rankings.

If you are like thousands of other webmasters in the world you have seen a recent drop in Google rankings. If you are signed up for their webmaster tools then you probably received a message stating that some of the links that point to you appear to be unnatural and once you have taken care of the problem to do a reconsideration request.

So the newest update to their algorithm is to now look at the links that point to you and then penalize you if they don’t like the links they see. This seems like a very slippery slope for them to be climbing since judging links is such a subjective thing.

I have always preached that Google would never penalize you for someone else linking out to your website because it is not something you can control. Well those days seem to be over. Initially penalizing people for their link profile will probably shut down most if not all of the link network sites which Google seem to be specifically targeting. But can this be a long term feature for Google?

The problem with this new change to their algorithm is that what is going to stop my competitors from going out and placing my link on bad sites? I have often heard the argument that people aren’t going to do that. People don’t have time to do stuff like that and they aren’t that cold blooded.

The reality is that if there is money to be made, which there is a lot of money to be made, people will do whatever they know works to get their rankings up. Unfortunately we live in a world of unethical business people who justify anything they do with the idea that it must be right if it makes them money.

Some industries are worse than others (ie diet, gambling, etc) but money or the prospect of money can make good men bad and bad men much worse. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out over the coming months. I have already seen a big change in Google’s search results including sites that have no business showing in the rankings.

For example, if I search Google for the phrase “add url” the #9 result is Seems good enough except when you click on the result it simply is a redirect going right to and doing the same search for the term “add url”. Now tell me how that is a user friendly search result.

A little further down in the search results you will find the website This site is not even a functioning website. It has 1 page and it is a template message from the hosting company telling them to upload an index.html file.

Hmm. Maybe showing results from people that are actually taking the time to optimize their sites isn’t a bad thing after all. I mean if someone is taking the time to get links for a site doesn’t that show that they care about building their business and making it something good?

I have a feeling that Google is going to have to do a major tweak to this part of the algorithm if they want to keep users happy. If their results are just going to redirect me to a search on Bing I will start skipping the middle man and go right to Bing to do my searches.

Best link building service that I know of…

OK Prospery faithful, many of you have asked and so I am going to give you my recommendation for my absolute best place to get awesome high quality links.

I use this service myself to build links for not only but all of the websites I own. It is an awesome service and the best part about it is they do all the work for you.

With one membership you can build links to up to 5 websites. You tell them the phrases to build links for and they will go out and get you 200 links per website every month. You give them the categories to get links in so they are very relevant links.

Now lots of link building companies can get you links, but not all links are created equal. What I love about these guys is they show you your rankings when you start with them and then show you your progress as they build links for you.

They know their links work so they aren’t afraid of complete transparency. You literally can just login and watch your rankings move up in Google. It really is that easy.

After 1 month of using this link building service my rankings had jumped to page 1 on Google for terms I had been targeting for years. No lie.

So what’s the catch?

Well, something this awesome is not going to be free. Monthly membership for their site is $147. That’s 1000 links each month for only $147. The other link building tasks I have you do give you much less.

Link building is the most important part of SEO. These guys do it right. Believe me when I tell you I have used many many link building services and these guys have gotten me the best results. For me results are all that matter.

In fact, you could do no other link building and you would be successful. If you had to choose only one service you could pay for for SEO I would recommend this one it is that powerful.

This is the secret to your true success online. Give it a try. I guarantee you’ll thank me in a couple of months.

Try My Favorite Link Building Service

P.S. Yes these guys are going to give me a commission to everyone I refer to them, and well they should. I love their service and am going to tell a lot of people.

Be Cautious When Doing Link Exchanges

I’m sure all of you just like me get requests all of the time via email to do link exchanges with other websites. People ask me (especially my clients) whether or not they should ignore the emails or do something about it.

Ninety nine percent of the time I tell them to simply ignore the email and here is why:

If the person approached you and you don’t know them, then most likely what will happen is within a few months of doing a link exchange with them they will most likely remove your link and if you don’t keep track of it properly pretty soon you are giving them a one way relevant link.

The way to combat this if you really want to do link exchanges is to carefully track all of your link exchanges. The software will verify for you that your links are still live and if the webmaster has removed the link you can either contact them or take their link down.

Not everyone is dishonest in the link exchange world and some link exchanges make complete sense and are mutually beneficial. If I was going to do a link exchange with someone I would approach it with an email like this:

My name is Adam White. I am the owner I came across and see that we both cater to the internet marketing audience. I wanted to know if you have any advertising options for your site where I could reach out to your visitors. If not I would love to do a link exchange with you or something else that would be mutually beneficial. Let me know what you think.

I compose the email this way because it isn’t just a solicitation for a link exchange which most people will ignore. It is personalized at the least the person will feel inclined to do a link exchange with me. When they do, I still track it. :-)

Also please note that when I referenced their website I did not include the http or the www’s in front of the url. Leaving those off makes it look like a real person wrote the email.

What are SEO link wheels?

A new trend in link building is to use social media to help you build link popularity to your website. As link building continues to be the hardest part of SEO people will always be looking for new ways to generate more links.

One of the new strategies is something that has been name SEO link wheels.

A link wheel works like this:

You write 10 articles all related to the keyword you are targeting in your link building.

You submit those 10 articles to 10 different article directories (ie, etc).

In each article you place two links; One link to your site using your keyword, and the other link would link to one of the other 9 articles you have submitted to the other article directories.

Thus each article is connected to your site and to the other articles written that also link to your site and that is why they call it a wheel as you can clearly see from my awesome graphic below: :-)


Instead of just submitting to article directories you can also mix things up by doing some blog posts with the links embedded as well as a couple of youtube videos that also link to your site and to another one of the articles or blog posts.

SEO link wheel companies swear by this approach. I tested this method out on a small scale and had a little success with it. If it is something you feel like you want to try I would recommend that you only target one keyword and choose a keyword you have not been able to rank for. That way you can see whether or not the thing is working or not.