I love being my own Boss

I just got back last night from a trip to Disneyland with my family. My wife on Monday morning says to me “why dont we go to Disneyland today?” I was surprised at this level of spontaneity from her which isnt her style but I liked it so I said yes.

We packed up that day and took off in the afternoon to drive down there. We had a really fun 3 days at the parks. Our kids of course had the time of their lives as well. It was fun being there during Halloween season. That was a first for our kids.

I realize what a great thing it is that I have the freedom to just at any moment pick up and go do something really fun. I didnt have to request time off, or beg an employer to let me go. I also had the means to do it which is obviously an important part of the equation.

I am just feeling grateful for the life I have and the freedom I enjoy. I also finished the short film I emailed all of my Prosperly followers about. It came out really good and I will post a link to it in the near future.

New Site Design – Did You Even Notice?

Well I was on vacation with my family in California last week so I didn’t get a chance to post about it but what do you think about the new design of the website?

I think it looks a lot better. You’ll also notice that the logo is different as well. I decided to do a complete overhaul.

The vacation was fun but Disneyland was hot and crowded. (Lot of people want to see the new Cars land). If you ever want a good example of how to build an amazing business, just look at Disney. They have somehow rooted themselves into my self-conscious so that whenever my wife and I decide to take our kids somewhere fun the only place we can ever be excited about is Disneyland.

I think the answer lies in the details. They transport you to another world as soon as you walk in. It truly is magical. I mean I have been to Magic Mountain several times and the rides there are so much funner, but that is all you get, the thrill of the ride. Disney makes every part of the park special and the small details prove it.

I didn’t intend for this to be a Disney post but you could do a lot worse than mapping your business out after the way Disney does business. Provide an amazing product that people can’t help but love. Pay attention to the small details. I could probably do a better job of it.

P.S. Let me know what you think of the new site design.

When you’ve made it, what is your motivation?

Let me preface this post by saying, I am definitely not trying to brag about anything I have done online. I wrote that headline to get you to read the post.

I remember when I was first starting out in the world of running internet businesses I used to see people that had been very successful and now they were teaching others how to do the same.

I always would ask myself, what is their motivation? If they have made so much money why are they still trying to make even more money? Why not just retire or go do something else?

Well I have come to a point in my life where I see myself in similar shoes. I have made a lot of money from the internet businesses that I run but here is what I have discovered. I’m not satisfied. I think that is a common characteristic of successful entrepreneurs, they are driven. I think it is something that can’t just be turned off. It is also something anyone can bring to the table. If you want something in life, go take it. Keep working at it until you get it.

Don’t get me wrong I love my freedom and being able to do the things that I love to do, on my own schedule. But I also work really hard and am always trying to grow my businesses. I think you will find the same thing as you get going and start making good money through your own internet ventures.

I have also been approached by at least 50 friends and acquaintances who have asked me to sit down with them and explain what I do and help them get started. I can’t tell you the countless hours I have spent in these sessions. I have always been willing to do this but it has really made me realize that teaching these things to other people is probably the correct next step for me. Also since I live the Prosperly Way I decided to build the definitive training course once and then an unlimited people can access it after that.That is what has motivated this course I have been working on.

This has been quite the undertaking especially as I am trying to pursue filmmaking at the same time but I love this stuff. I hope you love it too. Doing this for a living is a dream come true and I feel grateful everyday. I hope that comes through as I share my knowledge with you.

Wow, this has been just a brain dump of thoughts that have been going through my mind. I will try to give you something better next time.