Go See The Avengers

I just got back from taking my 2 sons (took them out of school) to see The Avengers. I have to admit that I had my doubts about this movie. Mostly because ensemble pieces are very hard to pull off and secondly because individually I thought each of the super heroes movies were only slightly if not less than slightly entertaining. The Iron Man movies were the best of the bunch and even those lacked something.

So my expectations were low going into the movie. The one hope I had was that I knew Joss Whedon was directing it. I didn’t realize he also wrote it. The movie was so surprisingly entertaining that I might have found myself tearing up out of enjoyment. I literally clapped unknowingly at one part (so did many others).

I have been waiting for a movie like this since the Lord of Rings trilogy came out. I’m not trying to compare those movies with this one, just comparing how entertained I felt while watching them. I am not going to spoil anything but I have already bought tickets to go see it again with my wife tomorrow. Yeah, it was that good. Go see it. Let’s make sure the thing makes a killing and Joss Whedon is allowed to make another one.

Cool Inspiring Video

I wanted to share this is a video about the 13 yr old son of some friends of mine from my hometown of Gilbert Arizona done by our church. It is pretty inspiring. It has nothing to do with flipping websites but it will make you want to be a better person.

The #1 Internet Marketing Secret…

Before you get too excited, this is another post about a clean romantic comedy film we just finished shooting. I know, I know it was under handed to get you thinking I had the #1 internet marketing secret but I was feeling bad about only posting filmmaking stuff.

The movie we just finished is called Chick Magnets. Check out the Chick Magnets Trailer or check out the website here at Chick Magnets Movie.

It will only be shown in theaters here in Utah at first but if it does well enough we should be able to get it into other theaters. The movie will have a PG rating.

P.S. The number one internet marketing secret is to choose a niche you know a lot about and love.

My other passion…

As you may know my true passion in life is filmmaking. All of the internet marketing and SEO work I have done in my life was a means to an end. That end was me being able to pursue the thing I love the most.

As I have talked to you about the Prosperly Way I have used that methodology to create automated income so I can spend my time working on making films.

I have most recently been working on a new sci fi web series that I am pretty stoked about and proud of. I wanted to have at least 4 episodes up before I pushed it to the public.

Well those 4 episodes are up and now I would love to have my Prosperly audience take a look and let me know what you think.

If you enjoy the series, then Like Us on Facebook, or Tweet to your followers about us, or just show your friends. I would love to see how many views I can get on these. The website is RoswellProtocol.com

I also created a hoax news report and website to help build viral buzz for the series. You can see it at HelpMeTellTheWorld.com

I can’t tell you how much enjoyment I get out of pursuing my passion and following my dreams. I hope that passion comes across in the work I have done.

Enjoy and then Spread The Word!