We’ve Already Hit a Snag with Project WHO. No Willing Buyers?

For the life of us we cannot find a willing seller in this niche. It’s killing us. We thought we had someone bite for $12k and then they simply stopped returning our emails. Maybe it’s because Adam offended them with our first offer (you can go so low that you offend the person and they think you’re an idiot…that’s probably what happened).

Or maybe our offer legitimized the site in their eyes and they felt inspired to start working on it again (we’ve been watching it and it’s been sitting dormant for months now).

This has definitely solidified our ideas about the money flowing through this niche. It’s probably a bit more than we originally planned because it seems everyone’s making enough money to want to keep their site. Even in the Prosperly SERPs.

Monetization Strategy. Is the Traffic There?

Our monetization for WHO is going to be plain vanilla affiliate commissions.  Why?  No customer service.  No overhead.  We’re the invisible middle man and we love it that way.

It’s not like we’re the only affiliates in this industry.  We’re going to need to bring something new to the table.  We will.  It’s going to be high-quality, never-done-before, link-attracting content.  The same old rule applies:  Give visitors value and they will love you for it.  I’m talking about the kind of content where one article takes 12 hours to research, write, and pull together.

The big question isn’t whether we can deliver great content–we know we can.  The real question was the traffic.  So we dug in to Google’s keyword tool and found a breakdown of traffic based on first-page rankings.

The competition is fierce, so we’re looking at our worst-case scenario:  ranked 9th.

At the 9th ranking we’d be bringing in 1.45% of searchers for our most competitive phrase.  What is that in absolute numbers? 26,000 visitors per month (I rounded down slightly).  This includes no long tail and no other competitive phrases at all.  Yes, that’s completely unrealisitic ,but this gives us a conservative number from which to base our decisions.  We obviously hope for more upside, but would be happy with even our lowest estimate working out.  This tells us we can proceed.

We know we can convert between 1-2% of visitors into an affiliate commission, and we know that affiliate commissions in this industry run between $100-$125.  So we’re looking at these ranges:

$100 > $26,100 – $52,200

$125 > $32,625 – $65,250

So, we can base our income estimate on one key phrase, converting at an abysmal one percent, at the lowest affiliate commission available making us $26,100.  If we were to actual hit our ranking target here, the real income will be triple that.

That’s quick and dirty, but that’s all that’s necessary.

Adam can write about all of the prospecting he did.  He found two potential candidates.  It’s too soon to tell, but I think we’re going to get one to bite on an offer.  If not…we may need to keep prospecting.

Project WHO: A Path to a $60,000/mo. Income Stream

  1. Project WHO. Follow Us On Our Journey to Build a $60,000/mo. Income Stream.
  2. Monetization Strategy. Is the Traffic There?

Project WHO. Follow Us On Our Journey to Build a $60,000/mo. Income Stream.

Adam and I have picked an industry to dive into.  Competitive? Yes.  Opportunities? Abounding.

Welcome to Project WHO.  We’re going to do our best to chronicle exactly what we’re thinking, doing, and planning for this new site.  What you’ll get here may, sometimes, be absolute ramblings — other times it’ll be definitely worth your price of admission..:)

By writing exactly what we’re thinking about, working on, and planning, we’ll also execute with this site at a higher level.  At least that’s our thinking.

And no.  I’m not exaggerating about the $60,000/mo. income potential.  We’ve run the numbers (over and over and over).

Project WHO: A Path to a $60,000/mo. Income Stream

  1. Project WHO. Follow Us On Our Journey to Build a $60,000/mo. Income Stream.
  2. Monetization Strategy. Is the Traffic There?