I’m back!!!!

I was recently at Warrior Forum and saw a post there where a user was asking where I went. It was fun to see the responses and speculation as to what happened to me.

My favorite guess was that I had made so much money from flipping websites that I had sailed off into the sunset and retired forever.

In actuality I was filming a feature length movie I wrote and directed. The movie was in theaters in Utah, AZ, Hawaii and Idaho in January and February and
just came out on DVD
on April 1st.

As you can imagine this was a full time endeavor for me that lasted 15 months. It was an amazing experience. I made the movie for the LDS (Mormon) audience although anyone could enjoy it and the response was awesome. Tons of laughs in the theaters.

Here is the trailer for Inspired Guns:

Flipping Websites

ALthough I was away from the internet marketing world fulfilling one of my lifelong dreams I am excited to be back and to tackle the world of website flipping head on. If you are still interested in learning how to buy and sell websites the Prosperly way then stick with me and let’s do this together.

Website Flipping Course Closes Tonight

Just a quick note… I’m closing registration for
Prosperly Website Flipping Method in just a few hours.

IMPORTANT: Registration closes TONIGHT (Monday,
July 2nd) at 12:00 midnight Eastern time.

Now I know this might sound like some hyped-up
scarcity play, but it’s very real…

Because this is a course and we have to schedule things
we need to close down registration and get rolling.

So you only have a few hours to get in on
the action. Here’s the link:

CLOSING TONIGHT: get Prosperly Website Flipping Method

best regards,

P.S. Because I don’t know how this is going to go (so
far it has been way more work than I would like) I might
not ever do this again. Now is your chance to get in:

CLOSING TONIGHT: get Prosperly Website Flipping Method

Registration is open…

Registration for the Prosperly Website Flipping Method course is now open. It has taken me months of work to put this together. Finally there is a way for all of those of you who really want to learn the ins and outs of website flipping to be able to.

Like I said in a previous post, this is the first time I have ever made a training course. I am only offering it to Prosperly followers, and only for a few days. My goal is not to make a living from this course, but to finally have a way to help others and still do what I enjoy doing most – flipping websites!…ok, second most, film making is #1 :)

Click on the link below to learn about everything that is included in the product…there are some things I haven’t even told you about yet.

Get Registered For The Website Flipping Training Course



My website flipping course…

OK we are all set to open registrations for the website flipping training course. We will open registration at 2pm eastern time TODAY!.

Look for an email from me or another post on the blog letting know when you can get access. There has been a ton of people telling me they are anxiously waiting for registration to open. I have a feeling that this is going to sell fast.

Since I have never offered a course like this before I am not sure what to expect so I am only going to have registrations open for a couple of days. So get in early if you want in.



Your Website Flipping Method Questions Answered…

The release of the Prosperly Website Flipping Method is tomorrow. The course will be a comprehensive training course that teaches about buying, fixing, running, and selling websites. Many of you have contacted me with questions about website flipping and about the product. Below you will find my answers.

Question: How much money do I need to invest to get started flipping?

The answer is: it depends. Website flipping is like real estate flipping in many ways, but with a much lower cost of entry.

I would recommend not spending more than a few hundred dollars on your first websites. Even with the success that I have had, I seldom spend more than a couple of thousand dollars on a website. Depending on your technical skills, you also might have to spend some money on website development. Again, this shouldn’t be more than a couple of hundred dollars.

Question: What kind of technical skills will I need to do this?

Not many. You will need to learn how to use FTP and also I would recommend you learn how to use wordpress. There are thousands of free training videos to help you learn, just search on YouTube.com. You can also contract people to do almost anything you need.

Question: Do I have to have your SEO skills?

You will need to perform SEO for your site, but you do not need my skill level. In fact, what I teach you in this course will give you all the SEO advantage you will ever need to make any internet business successful.

Question: How much time will it take me to run a website?

This will depend on the site you buy. If you are following Prosperly principles, you will be spending the least amount of time possible on the sites.

Question: How long before I can sell a site?

I have owned and run sites for years before selling, and I have also owned sites for only days. Normally I would anticipate having them for several months before selling them. If you have increased the revenue and traffic to the site then you should make a good profit.

Question: Who is your training course for?

My course is meant to take someone from no knowledge about buying, fixing, running, and selling websites to a level where they can do this for a living. However, it is in depth enough that even if you have experience with websites you will learn the strategies that have helped me be successful over and over.

Question: What makes this course different from the others out there?

I hope that you know through following my blog, that I am not one that gives useless information. You can count on the information I provide you with to be relevant and informative. I would not put my name on something that I didn’t completely believe in.

I can’t speak on the other courses out there because I haven’t gone through them. All I can tell you is my course is awesome. :-)

Question: If this is so great why are you sharing this information?

This is probably the most common question I get. The answer is simple. I sincerely desire to help others, and I don’t believe that hoarding the information I have will help me be any more financially successful. The world of websites is HUGE. Just because I help others to succeed does not mean that I won’t.

Question: What is your course going to cost?

The course isn’t going to cost you anything. It is going to make you money. It is an investment in your education and your future. I will be offering the Prosperly Website Flipping Method training course for $1,997. This is a special deal for my longtime Prosperly followers. Since I have never sold a training course before I don’t know how this is going to go and I may only give access for a very short period of time.

Question: Will there be support after the purchase?

Yes. After purchasing the product you will have unlimited email access to the Prosperly support team.

Question: Is there a guarantee?

Yes. We will offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied I will refund your money, no hard feelings.

Thanks again for your patience while I have put this course together. I assure you it is well worth the wait!

Check the blog tomorrow for information on where to buy it.