Is The Old Way Of Doing SEO Dead?

This is a question people keep asking me. Do the old SEO techniques still work with all of the Google changes? I think I get asked the question because I have always preached and still continue to preach that the old tried and true SEO techniques that I learned really well 8-10 years ago still work today.

The Google changes happen because people become so good at gaming the system that they have to make changes to ensure that the results stay as relevant and pleasing to the users as possible.

This does not mean that the old proven techniques of SEO don’t work any more. This simply means the tactics that have been invented over the last few years (ie link networks) to game the system don’t work anymore. The core techniques are still the same. Optimize the pages of your site. Produce high quality content and get high quality links and your site will rank high in the search engines.

If people are telling you that it doesn’t work anymore it is because 1) they don’t really understand SEO 2) they need something new to talk about so they make stuff up or 3) they are trying to sell you something.

See where Prosperly ranks for the phrase internet marketing and tell me the old school methods don’t work anymore. If you do SEO the right way, it will still get you to the top of the search engines.

Why Google Penalizing Websites For Links Is A Horrible Idea

When Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google the biggest part of what they built had to do with link building. They generating rankings based on who linked to who, and how often others linked to a site. Most of us in the internet world had come to grasp this and accept it as the key principle in obtaining high rankings.

If you are like thousands of other webmasters in the world you have seen a recent drop in Google rankings. If you are signed up for their webmaster tools then you probably received a message stating that some of the links that point to you appear to be unnatural and once you have taken care of the problem to do a reconsideration request.

So the newest update to their algorithm is to now look at the links that point to you and then penalize you if they don’t like the links they see. This seems like a very slippery slope for them to be climbing since judging links is such a subjective thing.

I have always preached that Google would never penalize you for someone else linking out to your website because it is not something you can control. Well those days seem to be over. Initially penalizing people for their link profile will probably shut down most if not all of the link network sites which Google seem to be specifically targeting. But can this be a long term feature for Google?

The problem with this new change to their algorithm is that what is going to stop my competitors from going out and placing my link on bad sites? I have often heard the argument that people aren’t going to do that. People don’t have time to do stuff like that and they aren’t that cold blooded.

The reality is that if there is money to be made, which there is a lot of money to be made, people will do whatever they know works to get their rankings up. Unfortunately we live in a world of unethical business people who justify anything they do with the idea that it must be right if it makes them money.

Some industries are worse than others (ie diet, gambling, etc) but money or the prospect of money can make good men bad and bad men much worse. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out over the coming months. I have already seen a big change in Google’s search results including sites that have no business showing in the rankings.

For example, if I search Google for the phrase “add url” the #9 result is Seems good enough except when you click on the result it simply is a redirect going right to and doing the same search for the term “add url”. Now tell me how that is a user friendly search result.

A little further down in the search results you will find the website This site is not even a functioning website. It has 1 page and it is a template message from the hosting company telling them to upload an index.html file.

Hmm. Maybe showing results from people that are actually taking the time to optimize their sites isn’t a bad thing after all. I mean if someone is taking the time to get links for a site doesn’t that show that they care about building their business and making it something good?

I have a feeling that Google is going to have to do a major tweak to this part of the algorithm if they want to keep users happy. If their results are just going to redirect me to a search on Bing I will start skipping the middle man and go right to Bing to do my searches.

What Googles New Declaration Means For Internet Marketing

As many of you have surely heard Google has made the declaration that they are changing the way they will report search traffic to website owners.

The bottom line is that if someone is signed into their Google account and then does a google search and ends up at your website, their search query will not show up in your analytics.

So what does this mean for internet marketing?
I personally have always held the belief that it is more important to be proactive than reactive. I don’t necessarily base my internet marketing decisions based on what has already happened, but rather what I want to have happen.

I admit that not knowing how much traffic a certain key phrase is actually bringing will make it harder to determine which phrases to target more aggressively, but the fact that google is doing this plays right into my theory of going after long tail key phrases when I do SEO.

If you put all of your eggs in one key phrase basket then this change might effect you more that it would me. What ultimately matters to me is that I get traffic that converts into sales. In the end I don’t care if they searched donkey socks or internet marketing, as long as they buy my product.

So what should you do?
Do exactly what you have been doing. Create good content, build quality links and test your landing pages to increase conversions. I guess not much has changed has it.

Best link building service that I know of…

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Now lots of link building companies can get you links, but not all links are created equal. What I love about these guys is they show you your rankings when you start with them and then show you your progress as they build links for you.

They know their links work so they aren’t afraid of complete transparency. You literally can just login and watch your rankings move up in Google. It really is that easy.

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So what’s the catch?

Well, something this awesome is not going to be free. Monthly membership for their site is $147. That’s 1000 links each month for only $147. The other link building tasks I have you do give you much less.

Link building is the most important part of SEO. These guys do it right. Believe me when I tell you I have used many many link building services and these guys have gotten me the best results. For me results are all that matter.

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