Buy A Website or Start One From Scratch?

A couple of years ago Google hit websites really hard that had done a lot of SEO. This caused many websites in almost every industry to drop from the rankings and websites that hadn’t done a lot of SEO to rise to the top of the rankings.

This created an interesting paradox in the SEO world. Should you try to work to recover the rankings you worked so hard to get and now have lost? Or should you give up on a site and start a new one where you can control exactly how much SEO has been done on a site?

I was recently looking at one of the website marketplaces at a site that was ranking #1 for a phrase that was the biggest phrase in this website’s niche. I was impressed at the ranking because the website seemed pretty simple. As I looked at the details of the site I realized the site was only 4 months old.

4 months old? So what Google is telling us is you can start a brand new website and within a few months get to #1 for a top tier key phrase?

Now before you go out and start 10 new websites I have a word of warning. We have no idea what this website owner did to get that site to #1. They may be employing some serious black hat technique that will get them banned. But it may be worth a test to start a new website and see what kind of dent you can make in the rankings in the first few months.

It could be that since so many sites were penalized you just don’t have a lot of competition in the different niches.

I still prefer to buy a website than to build one from scratch but I probably will build one soon to see how it goes.

Best Way To Make Money On The Internet – Be Flexible

When I talk to small business owners it always amazes me how they all pretty much have the same story. They worked for another small business, saw that the company was making a ton of money and realized that they could do just as good if not a much better job. So they left the company they worked for and started their own business.

The reason I bring this up is because these successful business owners saw an opportunity and let it be the source of revenue for their business. So what does this have to do with internet marketing?

If you are like me you have new make money on the internet ideas all the time. It is unrealistic to pursue all of them even when they all seem legitimate. You poor your heart and soul into building up a web business and even start making money. Emotionally you are completely attached to the business.

You need to be flexible. What if an opportunity presented itself to you that you weren’t expecting, and maybe had no interest in but you could make way more money than your business is making. Should you break the emotional attachment from your other business and pursue this more lucrative opportunity? The Answer Is YES.

Don’t forget that your ultimate goal is to make money on the internet. To replace your 9-5 job with a full time income online. So your going to make that money in a way you didn’t expect, who cares. Take the money and be happy for the blessings.

The original idea I had for an internet business has been by far the least lucrative. I learned a lot while working on it and it has made good money, but if I would have pushed away the other opportunities that came to me over the next several years I would have been a lot less successful.

Why farmers make great internet marketers

A couple of months ago I decided to explore my farming roots and raise some chickens. I bought 6 chicks and built them a nice home complete with fenced in yard and chicken coop. I spent the next couple of months feeding them and watering them and eventually I started letting them out in the yard to walk around and develop their natural hunting instincts.

I have spent several hundred dollars raising these chickens, waiting for them to finally pay off and start laying good quality eggs. Well a couple of days ago I finally got my first egg. Several more have come since then and soon I will be getting 4-6 eggs a day. It was hard being patient waiting for these chickens to start laying eggs especially since all they were doing up until then was costing me money.

As I thought about this process I realized that it is very similar to starting an internet business. You first start your site and you have to put money into it either to buy it or have it developed. Then you care for it building up its rankings and adding content to it waiting for the big payoff. You wait and work patiently for the “eggs” to come. Then you get your first sale and your excited. Then you get a couple more sales. Pretty soon your making money every day.

The key to this process is active patience. You work hard while you wait. If you are doing the right things to your website the eggs will come.

How To Start A Website – A Step By Step Guide

I have decided to put together some simple, easy to follow tutorials on starting a website from buying a domain to getting web hosting all the way to getting WordPress installed on your site. I hope these can be a real help to those of you who are beginners in the internet marketing world.

Check out the series links below to get everything you need to get started in the internet marketing world.

iNetGlobal and other internet MLM’s

Since we have posted on the internet scam “Posting links on Google” and other money making schemes like Clickety Split many of you have asked about other similar services. One that was recently brought to my attention was iNetGlobal. They are an internet company that claims they will help you get a “piece of the internet pie”.

Based on the information on their website it looks like you download their software and then you have to visit certain websites for at least 20 seconds or so in order to earn credits. They then allow website owners to pay to have their website put into the software so other members have to look at the website in the rotation.

The major problem with this model is that people that are using this software only care about one thing, earning credits for visiting the required sites. They are not going to engage with the websites they are required to view (1) because it is a complete shot in the dark if it is relevant to something they want to see and (2) because that would eat into the time they can visit more sites and earn more credits.

This is a model that has been circulating around the internet for many years. If people like looking at sites that they have no interest in then more power to them. I just don’t think this is the answer to the question how do I make money online?

My big question is, why is this company using an MLM model? If they have the know how to teach people how to make money online, why don’t they just do that? I have to admit that they do a fantastic job getting people excited about these “opportunities” but in reality your time is much better spent building your own internet empire.

Here is what you need to understand: If you want to make money online, you need to start your own internet business. Don’t join an MLM and try to make money that way. All you will do is make money for the people who started the MLM. A common marketing tactic for companies like iNetGlobal is to show you the founders of Google, or Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) in order to try to get you excited about the prospect of making millions online. The point they don’t make is that the thing all of these people have in common is they started their own internet business, they didn’t join an MLM.

Decide what you are good at, think about what the internet world needs and start looking into internet businesses you can start from there.