Do you need a computer to succeed online?

Well the obvious answer to this question is yes you do. But the reason I ask this is because my laptop crashed yesterday and the geek squad told me it would take at least 2 days before they can even diagnose the problem and then they still have to fix it. So I am writing this post from my iMac at my house.

My big question is now that I have website’s running on autopilot and making me money, could I personally still be really successful without owning my own business computer. Could I just go to a library or school computer lab to use a computer when I needed it and still make money.

Well yesterday was day one without my computer. I made $125 on Clearview, $50 on Lawncare Dir, and probably another $350 on my other sites (I can’t check exact numbers on those because the logins are on my crashed computer, but they always make at least that) which gives me a running total of $525 for the day.

That’s pretty good considering I went and played some golf yesterday and also worked on the movie me and my brother are writing.

Who needs a computer anyway?

2 thoughts on “Do you need a computer to succeed online?

  1. Hey Adam,
    I recently invested in a Sandisk Titanium USB flash drive (rugged with fast read/write). will get you up and running, installing all or most of the apps you need on the drive and for free (donations accepted). I did this and now I run FileZilla, Firefox, OpenOffice, HTML-Kit, etc. and have all of my files on it.

    Now I can plug it in to any computer and run my apps without leaving a trace. It even has a menu navigator for the apps (like a Windows start menu). I know I am still scratching the surface of how to use it. I really like the freedom and flexibility. Also easy to backup. I am a believer.

    This plus a SmartPhone and I think you could run the whole this without having a dedicated PC.


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