Go See The Avengers

I just got back from taking my 2 sons (took them out of school) to see The Avengers. I have to admit that I had my doubts about this movie. Mostly because ensemble pieces are very hard to pull off and secondly because individually I thought each of the super heroes movies were only slightly if not less than slightly entertaining. The Iron Man movies were the best of the bunch and even those lacked something.

So my expectations were low going into the movie. The one hope I had was that I knew Joss Whedon was directing it. I didn’t realize he also wrote it. The movie was so surprisingly entertaining that I might have found myself tearing up out of enjoyment. I literally clapped unknowingly at one part (so did many others).

I have been waiting for a movie like this since the Lord of Rings trilogy came out. I’m not trying to compare those movies with this one, just comparing how entertained I felt while watching them. I am not going to spoil anything but I have already bought tickets to go see it again with my wife tomorrow. Yeah, it was that good. Go see it. Let’s make sure the thing makes a killing and Joss Whedon is allowed to make another one.

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