I found something revolutionary today…

I woke up this morning at 5:25am to go play basketball. I played for an hour and a half and then came home to get ready for the “work” day. As I was driving to work I was so tired that I literally fell asleep waiting for a stop light.

I thought to myself, “what can I do to give myself more energy?” I have to ask that question because I don’t consume anything with caffeine in it. Then I remembered reading somewhere that an apple had the same effect on your body as a cup of coffee in the morning.

I decided to put the apple to the test. Our office building is next to a gas station and so I went over and bought me an apple (which cost me $1.38, don’t buy apples at gas stations) and ate it on my way back to the office.

Before I was finished eating the apple I already felt 100% rejuvenated. I had morning energy like I had never known before. This truly is something revolutionary for me because I have a healthy way to get energized in the morning.

Just thought I would share it with you all.


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