“Make Money Online” Now On Google Radar

As you probably know if you have read any of my posts before, I am deep in the SEO world having been an SEO specialist for over 5 years now. Well I have been watching closely the Google rankings for certain terms that I want Prosperly to rank for.

We launched the site in mid-July and over the weekend finally had a breakthrough. I noticed that we rank for two of the main terms I am targeting.

Make money online – #24
Start an internet business – #24

I do find it interesting that both of the terms are at #24. I wonder if the placement is almost like a holding place for the terms until Google can decide where to put Prosperly in the search results.

Either way I am very pleased that we are on the map, it took about a month and a half to get there. Those 45 days consisted of a lot of content editing and link building for the site.

So those of you who have recently started an internet business and want to make money online, use this as a good gauge as to when you will start seeing results if you do things the right way.

Keep in mind however that being #24 or on page 3 of search results isn’t going to bring traffic. But we’re on the Google map now and as I employ sound SEO practices we will continue to move up, and the same will happen with your website.

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