Make Money Posting Links On Google is a SCAM!!

Yesterday I came across a Google ad on someone’s website. The ad caught my eye because they touted how they made $7k a month posting links on Google. So I clicked on the ad and it was a story about a young guy who believe it or not grew up in the exact city where my office is.

Since he made a point to mention it twice I knew something was fishy. Also the product the guy was selling how to make money posting links on Google. Just the terminology behind this product threw up a huge red flag.

Anyway, I went through the sales copy and saw all these pictures of Google checks he was saying was proof of income yet conveniently all of the Pay To The Order of names were blacked out. So he tells me how he and his new wife just bought their new Range Rover with the money they made posting links on Google.

At that point I knew the whole thing was a scam. If you claim to make $7k a month ($84k a year) there aint no way you’re buying a new Range Rover which is a $90k car.

Anyway, I was on another website this morning and low and behold I saw another ad that looked very similar to the one I found yesterday.


So of course I clicked on it and low and behold it was another website touting the exact same thing.

In fact, by some rare coincidence this guy grew up in the same town that my office is in (their websites are just looking at my IP address and then saying they grew up in that town), and he also was recently married and with the money he made from posting links on Google bought the exact same Range Rover (even used the same picture).

This kind of crap happens all of the time and people get duped into thinking they are buying a product from someone who is sincere about how they make money online.

The point of this is that there are probably hundreds if not thousands of these clone websites that these people just replace their name and pictures and try to convince you that they really have made money posting links on Google.

I am going to show you what the website looks like so that if you see it you know NOT TO BUY ANYTHING from them:


This is the sign up page all of these sites point to:


Updated 4/16/2009

Many people have been asking us if there is a legitimate way to make money posting links on Google (or with Adsense sites) and the answer is yes. We have some good friends over at who do an awesome job teaching people in a legitimate way how to make money with adsense. Check them out if that is what you are looking for.

Update 5/5/2009

Thanks to our readers who have pointed out that these guys are now creating different websites that don’t have the same Range Rover and different pictures of checks but be forewarned that it is the same offer. Here is a snapshot of the new page:


Update 6/3/2009

One of our readers sent me the link to this site. Another version of the scam:


UPDATE: 9-3-2009

We have found probably the most clever attempt to con people that these guys have come up with yet. They went out and bought the website and set it up to look like a Yahoo Answers or something similar. The website has no home page at all, just a sub page that makes t look like someone asked about this Google links thing and then all these “real people” respond with how great it is. DON’T FALL FOR IT PEOPLE!!

Here is what the page looks like:


Update 12-9-09

I found this article this morning on our local news website talking about Google fighting back against these scammers. Here is a link to the article and below is the news clip:

Video Courtesy of

Update July 2011

One of the latest tactics these rat holes are using is to build a fake news website and then write an “article” that supposes that someone made a lot of money using their system.

This Is A Fake News Website

These guys have been doing this for over 2 years now and you probably are wondering how they are still in business. Well if you read the fine print they put at the bottom of these news pages and all of their other scam pages they cover themselves legally.

What Kind Of News Site Has Terms And Conditions On The Footer of the Home Page?

Among other things they say in their terms and conditions that “this blog, and any page on this website, are not to be taken literally or as a non-fiction story.

The audacity! They prey on the fact that we as humans are too lazy to read the fine print. They say right in the footer that the whole thing is a lie.

Lesson here is take the time to read the fine print.

New To Prosperly?

If this is your first visit to Prosperly, this post explains a lot about what we do here. You can also read about the Prosperly Way.


699 thoughts on “Make Money Posting Links On Google is a SCAM!!

  1. Link Building

    What can be more UN-TRUSTABLE than this. If you make e search on Google you find all kind of scammers. So you have to be very carreful when you buy something.!

  2. Patricia Stewart

    I was also conned out of over 50 uk pounds, I replied to one of these and they asked for a mere 2 pounds starter fee, then proceeded to take the 50 out of my account a couple of days later. I couldnt find any mail address or phone number to contact them, and couldnt even find the advert again.

    I am fuming at myself for being so stupid.

  3. Mark

    hey guys, i found this site online, id say that they targeted one of the most popular groups in america, single moms, or moms with kids, thats a lot of people. My mom and my dad make 6 figures combined and believe me, if my mom could make that kind of money by just sitting on her butt all day, then shed def be doing it. Everyone needs to open their eyes, all this stuf is total bs. Just think about it if anyone could just hop online get a kit and start making crazy money, dont you think everyone would be doing, and by everyone i mean EVERYONE! 1. you have the people that are earning the dollar because of hard work, so they try it and they get scammed, just because they want a better living for their family, then 2 you have the lazy ppl that dont really want to work so they try it and get scammed, (i dont feek bad for those kinds of ppl) anywyas, this is america, you have to work hard for your money, no such thing as get rich quick, if there was then the total population of the world would somehow find its way over to america and there’d be 6 billion in the USA and we would all be making the same money from the same source, YEAH THAT SOUNDS REALLY FREAKING POSSIBLE, DOESNT IT?! anyways, thanks for reading guys, i know the economy is tough and prob will be for a while, but just keep seracing for the right answer, ppl with no job or lack of income, try to go back to school earn a great degree, then when u do u can work hard, and sit back and earn your money, it feels better that way anyways, ESP whe u save to purchase a house or brand new car, later guys!

  4. Juanita

    Thank you so much for saving me from a potentially very bad situation! I was just about to fall for their offer due to needed extra income, and something told me to Google that website. This page was one of the link results. So, again I say thanks for exposing the real truth behind the scam!

  5. Adele


    Thanks for this, I saw a link on Facebook to site very similar to your example of fake ones. I was very wary anyway as I always wonder why everyone isn’t doing it, if it’s so easy & makes so much money.

    I decided to do a search on google to see if there was any truth in being able to post links & was not surprised when I saw your site saying that it was a scam.

    Shame these scammers cannot be banned from the internet forever!

  6. jennifer

    Unfortunately, I fell for the scam before I did enough research primarily because the mom working from home incidently lived within my zip code. Once I discovered the scam and that there was no one with her name that had lived in my zip code in at least the past 10 years, I copied all of the fraudulent info, gave it to my bank, cancelled my card, disputed their charges since they gained the money under a false pretense and could not offer what was promised. My bank charged the money back to their bank and I hope they also reported the scam as I requested.

  7. Michael Marshall

    They are NOT Scams, BUT, They do Over Exaggerate. I Make money from these so-called-scams. But I look for a system where I just invest time and not my Own Money. I just got a check from Google for this month $306.19. Yes, I know. Not Much. But Google is not the Only Player in town. I got one from $97, Share-A-Sale $150, ClickBank $130, MyLife $79.40. Total = $762.59 (1 Month). My Cost = $29.95/Year
    Thats not going to get me a Range Rover anytime Soon, But I’m staying with the Facts.
    Just have to Look Around. Been creating a Website to help others do the same. AffiliateNetworkSite and an Article Site, AffiliateNetworkSite-Articles. Don’t worry, everything is Free.
    The Most, a bit of your time.
    If you need a bit of help, we are here to help you as well. We just setup a Forum to work together.

    Have Fun
    Best of Luck

  8. Josalyn


    I too fell for this and a week later I sent away for the teeth whitener, another scam. My bank account has been depleted approximately
    $500.00!!! Grrrr….I immediately closed my debit account. After that I called the “google” people. #877-252-2030
    I’m by no means smart because I fell for two in two weeks time, but they said they would refund my account, so here’s what I said:
    I asked if they knew about the scam and how they were hurting people? I asked if they actually work for google? I told them I had contacted the Attorney General and FBI scam dept as well as my bank to close my account and let them investigate.
    The “customer rep. said that I should have read the fine print”….I told them NOT to speak to me about fine print and said they were all over the internet regarding this scam, I took his name and he said that he would refund my account.
    I’m not holding my breathe, but perhaps I said something right and want to help anyone who has had this happen. I also said that I KNEW they sold my card information to guard dog and others (true).
    I’ve learned a valuable lesson.
    i’m sorry for anyone else who had to!

  9. Josalyn

    To MARK…….
    No offense, but the “as seen on CNN and MSNBC” sucked me in, “if you put time into it, it WORKS” also got me. Unless you have NEVER done something stupid, people who are kicking themselves don’t need you making them feel worse.
    My husband works two jobs saving lives, I have my BSN in nursing,but stay home with my children. I’m not lazy, I thought, “man….if I can do something to help my husband work less, why not try?”
    Just don’t comment if you have nothing to say to people who are hurting.
    These scammers are GOOD….they use the big names and have tons of people saying,” yes… helped us”.
    Also, when people are struggling and losing homes, cars and their dignity…..sometimes WANTING to believe takes over that too good to be good instinct!

  10. John Q Skeptic

    If there’s money to made from Google, why don’t people go to and ask the source? Seems obviously stupid to pay to make money. That’s always a red flag.

    I’ve never seen Google selling kits to make money on Google. Have you?

    The public school system obviously failed a lot of Americans, or succeeded in the eyes of the rich that have no incentive to educate their peasants. LOL

  11. Anonymous

    There are a lot of comments and comments to come. All I want to say is I’m lucky i’m not 18 yet, because if I was, I would have fallen for this a long time ago.

  12. Brian

    I too came accross the same sites and may have taken it a bit further. The first thing is if you read thru his information he says he makes $7000/month then he says he makes $5000/months and then further down he says $5500/month and in the story he say how he lost his job and his wife tried to pick up the slack but they went further in debt. Later in the story he says how this new money enable him to get married.
    Lastly I went on and gave my information and went to the web site, now in the letter he says how you too can get this scheme for $4.95 if you go to the website it says it is $9.95 but you pay $69.95 and get a $60 rebate. It is a real scam

  13. cj

    I stupidly sent the 1.95 as well… what an idiot.
    Just called my credit card company who say that so far only 1.95 has been taken out. So i have just cancelled my card. Now im worried about identity theft

  14. Jenee

    This is outright disgusting. Do you have any idea how many of these emails I’ve been sent, touting the benefits of making money with Google (now that I know there’s a legitimate way to do so, though, I’ll be checking it out)? To prey on innocent people who are looking for work in these harsh economic times is DEPLORABLE. Hopefully they get an attack of conscience and from then on not enjoy the money they’ve managed to swindle out of others.

  15. Jo

    The grant express does business the exact same way, Steer clear of this website also.

    I would like to know if anyone has been receiving nigerian letters after they close their association with google work or the Grant Express. After I cancelled both I begin receiving mega nigerian scam letters. Based on what I have observed I believe these two websites maybe a culprit for nigerian scam letters also. Closed and reopened another email account after Google and said the heck with it after the Grant Express.

  16. Tom

    This happened to me about a year ago when my girlfriend thought she was hitting it big and used my card for the kit. When the charges went through I got the number from the bank called and told them I was going to report the charges as fraudulent (spelling?). They took them off within 5 days or so. So for all you asking what you can do try this maybe it will work for you. Funny is I almost fell for it this morning haha….what a idiot I am…..people will do crazy things when money is tight.

  17. Matt

    Also notice on all of those the comment bar is CONVENIENTLY disabled due to spam. I too saw a site like this and thought it looked strange, that site had a guy talking for a long time saying junk about him being in debt, blah blah blah, sob sob sob, but then, he spent A dollar ($1.99) and amazingly became debt free! I however actually use AdSense, I make somewhere close to $1-$2 a day from it, not that great of an income but it’s that extra bit that counts.

  18. Jo

    I had to ‘Google’ (how ironic) to find out more and came across your page. It looked like a scam seeing as I didn’t even search for such a thing and it just popped up on my screen without me even asking. All I will say is if it was that easy we would all be doing it now wouldn’t we! I am just very disappointed that the real ‘Google’ have not stoped this tat from appearing on their search engines.

  19. Oscar

    These fake blogs have stopped popping up from websites I visit so I guess people are catching on. I have fallen for scams before such as buying real estate for pennies on the dollar by investing in tax liens and FOREX trading professional alerts so I’ve gotten smarter thanks to that and I find it interesting that these scams including the posting links for Google scam have some legit ideas behind them (There is legit tax liens investing, FOREX investing, and ways to get paid from companies if they advertise on your website and people go to their sites thanks to you). It is such a red flag that in the “blog” everyone is just ranting and raving about how great the “program” is and if you read any other real thread on any subject there are always mixed opinions about everything, there is never concensus! LOL Another thought that I had is that if I have found such an easy way to make money why do I need to peddle it to strangers online? I can just tell all my family and friends or I can even go overseas to hire to cheap labor and taught them how to do the work for me but if I have this great system of making money then why am I trying to get meager three bucks from people? It is so cruel and immoral that they try to entice people who have lost their jobs to get into this scam! I just hope that this will be a learning experience for everyone to become a little more skeptic.

  20. Deborah

    I actually fell for this scam too. When I found money was being taken out of my credit card, I went directly to my bank, and they cancelled my card and issued a new one. They even chased up the money and I got it back.

  21. David

    I was actually looking into buying this, googled it and came to your site, I noticed several of the misleading things you pointed out on their site, great read. Thank you.

  22. mo-bungo

    Hi ,I have also noticed that they use news footage from a so called news network `CNN 10` don`t know if thats fake.Also they mention the BBC.they seem to go to extreme lenghths with video clip and a fake news report..
    Thanks for all this info..Golden rule..`IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE`..then it probably is !
    Mo ( uk)

  23. Mike

    Actually, you CAN make money off of Google(and other search engines) but you don’t need to pay someone to learn how to. I paid someone(fairly cheap) and spent about $800 in Google Ads and brought in a profit of about $1000. The guide I bought was really common sense. I made a blog site that has a couple of articles that tell you how to do it. Its not as easy to do it now because Google(not sure about the others) have raised their advertising rates so it makes it much more riskier to advertise the high money makers.

  24. marisa

    Today I found the “cnn News9” ad on Hotjobs. It was supposed to be reporting from Sun Valley, ID (I don’t live there). I’ve really been looking in to working from home and this did grab my interest. But thankfully, I did my due diligence by google searching and am so glad I found this page. You are doing an awesome thing here! You should go get paid by one of those news channels that bust companies for practicing bad business!

  25. Darby

    I found one with the girl claiming to live in AHamilton, Montana.
    No such person here. Her name is Kelly Richards.
    Anything that sounds that good is a scam.

  26. Lily

    Here this, so payed 7 bucks and signed up, then i was dirrected to another website where they try to make you spend another $100 to “get things rolling” then you get an email saying, that they are looking for a special few to enroll and train up to a point where they are making 7 k a month. They interview you, then someone else interviews you. They say that they need the person to have the best story, so that when they get rich, they can use the testimonials online to promote ther $39.99 product (which I am sure millions of pple have fallen for) So wait for it, they then ask you to invest $7000.000 from your credit card, to get you going. What a scam! They try to induce you to get into credit card debt! and then they pay off the “online police/negative review/scam advice sites to cover up theri crap! Well they can afford to at that rate!

  27. chris

    A general rule of thumb is that if it sounds like an easy way to make money its a fake. The only real easy to make money is by stealing. They want to steal your money.
    Remember if there is a fee its a scam.

    Remember the fish that sees a worm on a hook and thinks dinner has arrived is itself dinner.

  28. ashley

    if its a scam then what actual home based biz works cause i cant find crap it seems like everything costs !

  29. GK

    Thanks a lot. This was too good to be true, so thought of doing some research on it before signing up. Came across your article and read all the above comments. they were such an eye opener. Will always watch out for any such thing in future.

    Thanks again..!!!

  30. Paul

    As a general rule, I don’t do the following:
    1) Click banner ads. Some may be legit, some may be not. I’d rather take no risk, and click none. Any worthwhile company that wants my business would have more effective advertising strategies than that.

    2) Click pop-up ads. Companies that have an advertising department knows better than to spam and annoy us to get our attention. I never read, click, or participate on anything that pops up on my computer screen without my prompting first.

    3) Reply to email advertising. Real companies don’t email you advertising UNLESS you have signed up to their newsletter, OR have already done business with them. Otherwise,its just a spam email.Don’t read them, just delete them.

    Other tips:
    * You never WIN something you never participated in the first place (common scamming ploy)
    * When you see the word “FREE”, be sure to read EVERYTHING first. Your first instinct should be “FAKE!!!” until proven otherwise.
    * If you have never heard of the company that is contacting you, don’t respond.
    * Try to access your email inbox on a regular basis, so you become familiar with which emails and newsletters are normal, and which ones are abnormal.
    * When receiving emails from someone or some company you have never contacted, just delete or mark as SPAM.
    Don’t bother to UNSUBSCRIBE,because often its just the spammer’s way to get you to click their link.
    * Credit card or bank details should NEVER be given in an email or an un-secure website.
    * When shopping over the internet, and you’re unsure if its secure, call their support number. Real companies have phone support (usually a landline or 1800 number NOT a cell phone number) so you can physically ask a real person any question about the company or their security measures.
    * Most of all, be VIGILANT!!!! Nothing is ever free, or as easy as scammers will lead you to believe. Too good to be true? 99% of the time, it isn’t

  31. PB Crocker

    HI Adam,
    I appreciate the time you put into this but you need to be more specific as to why the actual product does not work. It seems that you are just jumping on the advertisement and the way they go about selling it is supposed to turn me off. That doesn’t make sense to me. That’s like saying that we should not buy Pepto Bismo because the tv ad shows a cartoon picture of pink stuff being poured into a stomach while a soft voice says,”it coats, it soothes, it releives. Well guess what it sales. I’ve read all of the responses and nobody says why the concept of posting links doesn’t work. That’s the information I need.

  32. Leslie

    Can you tell me how to get to the site? I bought into this, but I didn’ t receive and email or a kit…and now that I know they will be charging me more, I need to try and cancel it.

  33. Anonymous

    To MARK…

    You say everyone should go back to school and get a degree so they can get a good paying job. Besides the fact that everyone CAN’T afford to go to college is that studies are showing having a college degree doesn’t mean anything anymore. You can either be under or over educated in the college department. As for using loans to go to college is also ridiculous because that causes quite-a-bit of people to go in debt and having to pay them off for the rest of their life. Plus, just because you have a college degree DOESN’T guarantee you to get a job, now-a-days you have to have someone you know in a business to even get hired unless it is one of them very low paying jobs.
    So no matter what you’re saying, it’s not easy to just go back to college, it’s just as easy as falling for a scam in the time of need. To me college can be just as much as a scam as the things people are trying to get you to sign up with online.

  34. Yolanda

    GREAT article thanks a lot, there is another one: la-sentinel(dot)com DO NOT buy it it seems like a newspaper but is not!!

  35. Geoff

    Good news guys on the fight to stop these ads i typed in goggle kit i was about to buy one and i saw right below it “google kit scam” clicked it and i am now ashamed that some people are total jerks. Also i dont think this is gunna go on for long now the the law have caught these pirates hunting them and spotting similar sites wont be hard

  36. Vincent

    Thanks for this info
    I was planning on buying one, hahhahaha….

    so we really cant make money from posting links?

  37. bryce navarre

    i almost got done in but decided to do some research and wow im so happy i did. but i got all the way to the point where you are supposed to click to agree to the terms and conditions after the credit card information i filled out. i exited before agreeing can they still find out my information?

  38. Tiggerito

    I just spotted one pretending to be a legitimate news website:

    breakingflashnews7 dot com

    Was posted on a Facebook Fan page.

  39. White Man

    Thanks dude. Hope everyone checks this website out before buying into those scumbags bs. May you faggets fucking die.

  40. Jasmine

    It’s not a scam. He’s posting google ads on this darn page himself!!! Lmbo. What better way to make money than to come up with some bull story about something being a scam, obviously everyone will read it, and when they do come to his page, theyre clicking on HIS ads, making HIM money…idiots.

  41. greg

    hmmm, surfing the web from the office? shouldn’t you be working instead? ;) lol

    i can hardly imagine how thick one must be to fall for one of these things. surely you’re not allowed to own a credit card if you have a one-digit iq, right?

  42. anna

    Whilst browsing online, a site popped up – Home Automated Profits – and looked like a newspaper article with logos of several trusted names (CNN, Yahoo!, BBC, Guardian) and even offered a 60 day money back guarantee. A few “user” comments were shown and then further comments could not be added “due to spam”. Saved the page on favourites and returned a few days later…the comments had remained the same but dates and times had been altered making it look as though the last comment was only written the day before. All a marketing ploy for our hard earned money!

  43. Tom from Cleveland OH

    Whois Record is for sale
    The owner of the domain you are researching has it listed for sale.
    Buy now >
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    all these scammers are pathetic trailer trash from war torn countries.
    im a lecture at cleveland tech. and im always telling my students not to believe these crocked ADs ”I GET $700 DOLLARS A DAY FROM HOME”
    sadly if there was such a thing everyone would be working from home earning crazy money.
    life isnt a free lunch!

  44. elizabeth

    Everytime I come across this type of comment field I am always amazed at the lack of information you have with respect to buying online.
    1) Right First things first:
    Look for contact info, adress?…Not there?..equals ..SCAM!(by law they must publish their address & ALL contact info)
    Contact there? Ask a few made-up Q’s, you will be able to find their IP when they email you back, check it out with: a whois search.
    2) Pay through PayPal, Worldpay, or PayAlert…All genuine sellers have a merchant’s account.There are arbitration and retribution problems for the seller, if your case is genuine. As it is PayPal etc who refunds you, and removes their costs from the sellers account, the seller, (If he/she does not co-operate) is listed, and refused a merchants account, they cannot register with the credit card companies again…which means they are “out of business”!
    3) You have upto & including 45 days from the transaction date, to try to resolve between yourself and the seller. If there are still unresolved issues, the merchants take up your case for you.
    If they do not offer PayPal etc..Then you know there is a reason why they don’t offer it!

    You see, we Marketer’s take our jobs very seriously, we don’t mess about with people’s money, or, our reputations as online marketer’s.

    By the way: Did you know You can get the website closed down?…Do a whois search…There you will find Hosting details…You contact the Host and inform them that they are hosting a SCAM website, they will investigate, and close their account, that means there is no uptime for the website.
    This by the way is also good for SPAM MAIL..You use the same process..To find the computer it was sent on…and who hosts that mail account.
    So, now you know how to shut the website down, you need to inform the Hosting company..Right?
    I hope I have been of some help.

  45. Mac

    I almost want to say that anyone who falls for this sort of thing deserves to lose their money but honestly no one really does. Desperate times make people arrive at decisions they normally would not. I wonder if the people pulling these scams are making any significant profits from it. One thing is for sure, there has to be a special place in hell for these people. There just has to be.

  46. lewis

    It is a shame that the web is so full of make money scams.I to have fallen victim scams on the web in my never ending search for legit home biz opp., make money from home opp.People I know you have heard the saying if it sounds to good to be true it is if it looks like sh!!! and smells like sh!!! do you need to taste it to make sure and here is one more if it looks like a duck & quacks like a well I think you get it .There are some legit opp. online but you have to do your research as well as check with BBB ,and check other info resources like am a affiliate marketer so I know it is possible to make money online from home.These are hard times .With all the claims of getting rich overnight have ever met one of these people.thenx for your blog it a big help to a lot people

  47. Leland Welles

    thanks so much for informing the lemmings, uninformed americans, about this being a SCAM. it should seem obvious but with desperate times people make poor decisions. sometimes leading to bankruptcy ie. being scammed isn’t pretty.

    I also understand one of the underlying reasons for these scams is they can hold your money/$$$ for a minimum of 45 days, Consider how much interest that can be generated in that amount of time 100s of 1000s of times daily & you can understand why the scammers don’t care if you cancel. They’ve already made money from holding your money for so many days. This became law earlier 2010 & have seen many, many opportunities to be taken, But you still must wait your 45 days to get your funds back regardless of being scammed or not,

    If this is inaccurate please explain where i’ve been mislead

    I fell for the ultra bright whitening scam that was withdrawing nearly 90$ a month. As I’d unknowingly signed up for a monthly service that was never asked for or received. I did get resolved, but took over 45 days to get MY $$$/money back into my bank account

    cheers & don’t fall for easy money, as it’s typically one of THE biggest headaches to resolve

  48. Ryan

    I have seen Ads for that program before, what a bunch of bull. It would take a unimaginable amount of traffic to make that kind of money every day with Google Adsense. What a bunch of scam artists!

  49. David

    Hey, I looked at at one of these sites. It says Kelly Richards from Alamo. The next time I looked for the site. It has a dude on there so said he lived in Alamo. Same site same wording. same ckeck

  50. Nelson David

    I have been worrying for a long time that Google ad posting is right there and all I need to do is just buy their package and start making money. I do not have a job now and am looking for another one. I was tempted to sign up for this and give it a try. Thank God and you for showing one lovely detailed report on this SCAM. I will never be wasting time on this any more. I hope Google as a company is not doing it under a different banner to get rich using short cuts. I hope I find something else on the net that is trustworthy… Merry Christmas – Nelson

  51. Erica

    I knew this was a scam, I was looking for answers as to why people I know were sending me the emails. obviously they know somethign is up. thanks, good article.

  52. Chris

    Its just these sort of people that give legitimate Internet Marketers a bad name. If it looks too good to be true it probably is. Thanks for the good work.

  53. Ido know

    This is also a fake site to make money, the ads by google on the page proves it as each link people click on after reading about it being fake makes this guy money, he probably has a site on how to make money this way along with many other sites.

    You don’t need to sign up with any company or pay a fee to post ads by google on your website and make money.
    So you can make money this way but you have to set up websites that people will look at and click on ads by google on your site.
    The more people click on ads by google from your site the more you make money so a site that thousands of people visit for example, one telling you how to make money and one warning you about it being fake will have an extreme amount of visitors as everyone wants to make money but we also want to know the dangers of it too.
    So yes you can make money but it aint all you might be led to believe. Don’t click his ads by google links or he gets money by telling lies.
    I don’t make money this way, i have a real job, but i do know all about it!

  54. Forex

    Anything like this is a scam. The way the get so many people believing in it is by using respectful companies names like Google and CNN. I have tried things like this before and dropshipping and never got anywhere. Scams like this take you in by offering their packages for little money so you think you have nothing to loose. But then they start to ask you for a bit more money and then more and before you know it all your bits of money have added up to 100’s. What makes this scam worse is that they are preying on people who have no money. The only thing I have found working online to be profitable is forex. But thats just my opinion.

  55. Mike Saleh

    Beware of another buiggest scam” Preplogic which is based in Florida- it’s an IT training company but a SCAM SCUM who would rip you off for thpusands of dollars on your credit card. Let Atty Gen’l Florida investigate these crooks!

  56. Kas

    Thanks for posting this. This is a lot more detail than I have found on this anywhere else. I keep seeing fake news sites advertised in banners on real sites and people click on them and fall for their scams. The fake news sites bring you to scams promising that you will make lots of money and people are susceptible to this with the economy today. Also been seeing a lot of hijacked email accounts sending out links to these scam sites.

  57. Donna

    There are really lots of those , even when it comes to quick cash loan , there are really lots of scams so be intelligent before applying for one.

  58. adrian

    thank u for exposing these criminals,it seems that there are many people taking advantage of others misery in this bad economy .

  59. Dev

    Wow thanks for posting this info and shedding light on this scam. I came across this despicable scam just a few minutes ago and after reading it I was thinking “Man, if it’s so easy why don’t the corporations post links themselves?” It’s not like they need a whole a team of people working in cubicles (like the website claims), I would figure a company would only need one person to post all the links and pay JUST THAT ONE PERSON, not a whole bunch of people all over the internet.

    It sickens me that websites like these lure people, like me who are living in desperate times, to such promising rewards but in the end is just another scam trying to separate you from your money -I was really hoping this was gonna be legit…go figure.

    Keep on the good investigative work and hopefully Google will sue those lying cheating people.

  60. The problem with these guys is that it makes it look bad on honest adsense users. I’m a computer tech that doesn’t post false dreams for people on the internet but do post relevant adds on my page. I’ve clicked on the same ads posted on the net with the CNN page. This is so wrong for people to do cause it makes it hard to be trusted as an adsense user. I will report people for posting the same ads from now on under false pretenses.

  61. zara

    thanks for all the above info.
    I work as a freelancer and a teacher so you can imagine tough times for many people I know and teach. Quite a few of my students got caught out with this scam and could not get their money back. I think what’s worse is that they make it sound so easy and when you get the product you have no idea what to do next. Thats how I found out my students got caught out, they had the product which that just paid out for only to left short. With it being so hard to find work I dont blame my students trying to make ends meet. It just seems so wrong that these people are praying on those who are struggling. Something should be done and at least your site is offering information that might limit how many people are affected by these scams.


  62. WildKat, I personally know the owner of keyword academy and can assure you it is legitimate. But you have to make the decision to trust or not.

  63. Karen

    Ha ha lol did you guys know anyone of you can easily scam other people? Just sign up with CPA networks like peerfly, maxbounty, neverblue etc and once you have your account ready, log in and choose what offers to advertise. In there you will see business opportunity kits. They pay you about $30 dollars for each person you get to sign up through your link. They are willing to pay you that much because they know after that they can double what they pay you by charging the victim $70 month after month for only paying a one time fee of $30 to the referrer. SCAM

  64. carla

    These things sound so good and i’m in a very bad financial way right now, however, i continue telling myself, ‘REMEMBER IF ITS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, THEN IT USUALLY IS!’ So could you PLEASE tell me if there is any legetiment ways to work from home using the internet and earning a good income? An that doesn’t cost you any out of pocket expense? I lost my job, my car has broken down and the bills are still due… Can you please let me in on the real ways to make real money, real fast…? Thank you for your time… Carla faye

  65. Patricia

    Thank you for this great article, I have seen these links and I’ve thought a couple times about signing up. THANK YOU and BLESS YOU for your research.

  66. T. Farner

    He doesn’t hate these guys – they’re competition. He gives a link to ‘’ which is another similiar business. According to the BBB, legitimate on-line business’ do ‘NOT’ charge you to work!!!!

  67. DAWN M.


  68. Lia

    I just want to tell you that I’m going to share this in many different pages and websites that I use to also advertise and posts (along with my blogs). I really want to thank you and that is the clearest article that covers the whole thing!

  69. Lia

    I also wanted to tell you that I’ve been working on line for quite some time. I’ve just now started this one blog to help the new comers into the Work At Home to keep from harming themselves with these types of scams. I’m passing on information that I have learned on my own and this was just one of them. Again, TY from the bottom of my heart as a whole lot of people should be more like this!

  70. Gary

    Thanks. It sounded to good to be true so I was searching the web to see if I could just bypass these guys and post adds without paying for their “kit” and I ran across this post. Thank you very much for posting this information and not just doing nothing once you found out about it. You are good people in my book.

  71. livelife

    yes i also got got and to make a long story short they will KEEP TAKING YOUR 1.95 NOT ONCE BUT CONTINUOSLY IF YOU DON’T PAY ATTENTION AND that was 3 times within 4 days then i had to cancel the card and dispute charges to the bank. Thank god for this site

  72. angel

    how do we know you ar enot a scam as well??? your page looks just like the others.. Pluse you are asking for money… I think there are scams out there but if you do your homework and really look then it will be ok.people should make there own choice….how do we know that one your site you did’t copyand past other people saying how great it is??? see you are talking about scams and who knows you could be one as well trying to take bis from other companys that are real..

  73. izak

    thanx a lot bud. i was almost falling int the trap until i first made a background check. realizing that this whole thing is a scam

  74. Deme

    Listen man, its people like you who really deserve an award.
    Bringing awareness to the existence of these damned parasites, is about the only thing that will truly stop them. The court system is not designed to handle the speed and complexity at which the internet works. Therefore will never be able to catch up with all the new innovations that these scammers come up with. Blogs like yours are essential in the fight against this cancer.
    Other scams that still exist that I know of:
    -The Nigerian Bank account Transfer.
    -The Multi-Level Marketing scam products
    (where you in addition to selling actual worthless products have to build your network or sales ‘down line’)
    -The Anti Virus Scan scam(We detect a virus but they are the actual virus)
    -Emails from your bank/credit card company/ebay
    that claim you must log in for a security update or something of that nature, only to steal your actual personal info…
    -You have won a… Scam where you get an email saying you’ve won something and click here to claim it…..

    Anyway man keep up the good work and hopefully your rank at google will remain high enough to prevent some poor old ladies (like my mom) from falling for this particular scam.

  75. Mehboob

    awesome article. I knew it was a scam but this is really clear and well written, awesome stuff! clearly shows that it is a scam, nice one.

  76. sheldon

    Let me ask you this. You are making thousands of dollars a month on the internet. Are you going to tell everyone how you do it so that they can go into competition with you? No way Man.

  77. Texas Attorney

    There are hundreds just like these sites, the city that shows in the text is handled by a geography finder script based on your IP address. Don’t know how people fall for this rubbish. Nice job putting together the collection of screenshots.

  78. scammers fail

    Lol, my friends are quite young and they aren’t even in university yet, least of all out of elementary school and yet I get these scam emails saying “Hehe I’m sitting at home making money. I’m so lazy” Yea right you’re not even a legal adult yet! This scam is just stupid and I can’t believe they would even check it out.. I mean really. I know who you are and yet you claim to be working at home right now? And the scammers need to learn decent english “Hehe howhadyoubeen?” jeez…

  79. Alegz

    I just wish there were more sites like these to alert the public about those type of scams. Google is fighting to turn those scam companies down but I’m sure 3 more will pop up in its place.
    That’s why more sites like yours are needed to help against the scams

  80. Duncan

    Guys this is real Spam I first saw it online but everything sounded too good to be true and I dicided to consult my friend before I submitted my credit card. My friend had to bypass me so that he could make money faster than I could but his account was charged everyday untill he went to the bank and discontinued the process. Duncan Twine

  81. Alison

    I’m one of the desperates that got caught. And whats funnier is I was directed to the site after recognising another scam and tried to research for a legit work at home. I don’t mind working for my money. I’m a hospice nurse with a sick vet husband, and I need to find companies that truly hire. Thank-you for this site, and PLEASE!!?? can you head me in the right direction?

  82. Sandy

    ……I-AM stunned……..I have been looking for work for over a month, I have four children. I just happen to be looking on the website and saw this ad for posting the links for google online. I was just about to purchase the kit with my debit card. Thanks!! I was JUST (no kidding) about to enter my debit card number when something just drew me away from that website. Thanks!!

  83. Alison, if you want to make money with Google I point people to my good friend Mark Butler’s website the keyword academy. He offers real step by step instructions on how to make money with adsense. No hidden tricks or scams, its 100% legitimate.

  84. Vinnie Buscari

    Pshhyyep Said:
    wow i thought advertising online was a waste of time cuz no one was dumb enough to even look at the ads let alone click them and now i see a full page of idiots who actually signed up! that just blows my mind i might have to get into internet marketing if the general population is really that dumb…

    Response: One must remember that a good portion of the population is of below average intelligence. There’s a HUGE market of dumb people, many of whom are in lucrative positions thanks to who (and not what) they know. (…just like the dumb guy who claimed to make 150k for GM– the guy can’t even spell).

    The Painful Truth…


  85. Timmy

    It seems to me your just promoting 1 business by bashing another, classic politics. How about you stop trying to HATE on another business or scam, however a narrow minded fool may see it, and stay the positive route on promoting the business your involved with without the bashing. Let the best scam…my bad, business win.

  86. Mary

    For goodness sake. How can anyone NOT question someone offering you so much money for doing so little? Hello? Where in this world, apart from some charities and the welfare system can people sit at home and make the fortune these people claim you can make from doing simple, meaningless tasks. You have to be pretty dense to believe this. I instantly googled the website and put the word “scam” next to it, and got this website, which confirmed it all.

  87. Atif

    Thanks. It sounded to good to be true so I was searching the web to see if I could just bypass these guys and post adds without paying for their “kit” and I ran across this post. Thank you very much for posting this information and not just doing nothing once you found out about it. You are good people in my book.

  88. Aginnydaymn traduction professionnelle

    Don’t trust people. These are competent at greatness.
    I rate enthusiasm even above professional skill.

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