My $500,000 Website Flipping Mistake…

Have I ever told you the story about the website flipping mistake I made that cost me $500,000?

Believe me this story is crazy. Check out the video at the link below and see what happened and how to avoid the same mistake:

P.S In this video I also share how you can use my website flipping method to make any business venture awesome!




2 thoughts on “My $500,000 Website Flipping Mistake…

  1. Marc Ashley

    If you lost 500,000 then you would have almost made 2 million by now, that’s an amazing story!

  2. T Mish

    Adam, I’m totally getting into your whole model, I’m studying it carefully to buy my first website – i’m def cash-challenged but very hopeful. Planning on buying your system once money is made in my online business. Thanks so much for all your valuable information!

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