My Arizona Cardinals Are In The Super Bowl

First of all, this is front page news in any industry. I was born and raised in Arizona and have been a lowly Arizona Cardinals fan for the last 20 years. So when I tell you that I’ve heard every joke, taken the countless hours of ridicule and have endured being a fan of the laughing stock of all sports, you can truly understand why I am now as giddy as a schoolboy on Halloween.

The Cardinals improbable run into the Super Bowl makes me believe one, that anything, and I mean anything can happen, and two, all of my suffering over the last 20 years was not in vain. I booked my trip to go back to AZ to watch the big game with my brothers. It will be a once in a lifetime celebration because this truly is a once in a lifetime event.

If nothing else, let this occasion inspire you that you too can make a full time living on the internet. If the Arizona Cardinals can go to the Super Bowl, no one in the world has any excuse to accomplish anything at anytime.

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