Why you should be your own boss…

One of my favorite things to do when I don’t feel like working on internet marketing stuff is to work on what I affectionately call “Bourne Training”. The Jason Bourne movies are in my top 10 of all time favorite movies.

So today my two brothers and I went to a neighbors house who has a shooting range in his basement and got our Bourne on.

Check me out in action:

The music is actually music made for the trailer of my movie Inspired Guns.

I’m back!!!!

I was recently at Warrior Forum and saw a post there where a user was asking where I went. It was fun to see the responses and speculation as to what happened to me.

My favorite guess was that I had made so much money from flipping websites that I had sailed off into the sunset and retired forever.

In actuality I was filming a feature length movie I wrote and directed. The movie was in theaters in Utah, AZ, Hawaii and Idaho in January and February and
just came out on DVD
on April 1st.

As you can imagine this was a full time endeavor for me that lasted 15 months. It was an amazing experience. I made the movie for the LDS (Mormon) audience although anyone could enjoy it and the response was awesome. Tons of laughs in the theaters.

Here is the trailer for Inspired Guns:

Flipping Websites

ALthough I was away from the internet marketing world fulfilling one of my lifelong dreams I am excited to be back and to tackle the world of website flipping head on. If you are still interested in learning how to buy and sell websites the Prosperly way then stick with me and let’s do this together.

I didn’t vanish from the face of the earth

Hey all, sorry I haven’t posted in so long. Life has been really crazy. As many of you know my true passion and main goal in life is to pursue filmmaking. The reason I do internet business stuff is so I can have the freedom to make movies.

Well after I sold one of my internet businesses I knew the time had come to produce and direct my first feature film. So that is exactly what I am doing. I have been in full preproduction on this film that we will start filming in 2 weeks. There is just so much to do to get a feature film made the right way that it really is taking up all of my time right now.

This film is going to be released locally here in Utah in October most likely and then probably in a few other western states (California, Arizona, Nevada) as well. This movie is an LDS comedy called Inspired Guns (go like us on facebook please) that I am making for the Mormon community but the humor and plot etc can be enjoyed by anyone. It’s kind of like, Dumb and Dumber in the mafia meets The Man Who Knew Too Little with Mormon missionaries.

Pursuing Another Dream
If that wasn’t crazy enough I also was presented with an opportunity to pursue another dream of mine, to own a clothing company. I trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a while and am a big fan of the sport of mixed martial arts. Well the owner of Riven MMA clothing approached me and asked him to help him run the company so I told him I would definitely do it. So we have been in the process of relaunching the brand.

If that wasn’t enough, many people have asked me about the movie I was involved in last year (Chick Magnets – PG) and have asked how they can get a copy of a DVD. Well, we are trying to distribute movie ourselves and so we are running a kickstarter campaign which if you contribute $20 to that will be prepayment for your DVD. So if you are one of those that wants a copy of the movie or wants to help support our project, you can go contribute to Chick Magnets here.

Anyway, that is why I haven’t been posting on Prosperly.

One internet marketing note, one thing I have seen is that you have a website that has been penalized in Google for unnatural links, it may be easier for you to start a brand new site and get it ranking before you will get the old site out of the Google penalty. If that isnt an option for you then I would suggest using a service to help you remove links.

Exact Match Domain Names For SEO – What You Should Know

If you hadn’t heard Google came out recently with a new update to their algorithm (they seem to be doing this once a week) that affected exact match domain names.

I have always been a strong advocate for exact match domains because up until this last update, Google gave undue advantage to them in the search results.

All you had to do is have a domain name that matched a phrase people would search on google and you would rank for that phrase.

With their most recent update Google decided to remove this advantage. So what does it mean for you?

The reason having an exact match domain was so powerful is because Google was trying to make sure that if a person was searching for a specific company (ie Amazon.com) that company’s website would be the first result. So I would go to Google and search “Amazon” and amazon.com would show up as the top result.

The problem has always been that they have been unable to differentiate between company names and random domain names. So if I owned www.realestate.com and someone searched “real estate” Google would assume they were searching for my website and that it must be my company name.

This is how exact match domains came to be so popular. People would buy up the .com, .net, .org, .biz, .co and .info of key phrases that are highly searched and they would be ranked quickly in the search engines.

Now Google has taken away that advantage. They really scrutinize a website just like they do non-exact match domains and don’t automatically have them show in the rankings. They want to see good natural links and good content on the site to be considered to show on page 1.

So it seems that it is much like the way they treat all other domains. The playing field has been leveled…or has it?

Google still gives extra weight to an exact match domain. They still can’t differentiate between the name of a business and a keyphrase rich domain. They want to provide the best results to their users so what they are doing is assuming that if someone is searching for a business, the business website will have plenty of content and good links pointing to their site that include their business name as the anchor text.

So if you own an exact match domain, the way you make it still rank high in the search engines is to point links to it that have your exact match phrase as the anchor. Do a ton of those. Google won’t penalize you if your links are all simply the name of your website, just like they wouldn’t punish Nike.com for getting a ton of links that have “Nike” as the anchor text.

When you seek out an exact match domain one thing that I always do is I will go and search that key phrase and see if there is already an exact match domain at the top of Google. If there is it will most likely be very difficult for you to get to the top 5 for that phrase. Google has already given authority status to the other exact match domain.

If you don’t see nother domain there that matches then you are good to go. I recently took a brand new exact match domain (it is a .biz) and got it to #1 for its phrase in less than 4 months. Here is the kicker, the site only has 4 or 5 pages with minimal content and I haven’t added any content since the original design. All I have done is get links to the site. It does still work, even with a .biz.