Prosperly TV Episode 4 – Buying Websites Post Google Penguin Update

Hey all I just posted episode 4 of Prosperly TV. Sorry for the big gap from the last episode but I made it extra long to make up for it.

Let me know what you think by leaving your comments below.

Enjoy the show!

6 thoughts on “Prosperly TV Episode 4 – Buying Websites Post Google Penguin Update

  1. David

    Adam – Where did you find the $800/month site that you bought? I assume it wasn’t Flippa. A forum? Direct contact with the site owner?

  2. Trish

    Hey Adam, great video, love the walk thru of what you look for, it definitely makes the process clearer for me.

  3. Greg

    I’ve watched all your video updates and am keen to get into this. How do I proceed?

    p.s I live in Australia. I am thinking that shouldn’t be an issue.

  4. charles dart

    adam i really like your informative videos and your entire website. no one else does it as well as you do. i hope someday you will start a course for newbies on website development,design, and monetization. thanks charles dart

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