9 thoughts on “Prosperly TV Episode 2 – Why this site sold for $50k…

  1. Mike

    Thanks for another good video Adam. It’s inspiring to know what’s possible and to see a real life example of a site that you’ve done it with.

  2. Mike

    Have you noticed that this site has tanked from Penguin? I would not want to be the buyer right now. Though a site is performing well, people need to look closely at whether or not it will continue to do so.

  3. Mike, actually this wasn’t my site. This was just a site that I wanted to profile so I could point out what buyers are looking for. I shot the video before the penguin update and it looks like the site has lost a lot of its rankings. That is the risk of buying rankings when you buy a site.

  4. Patrick

    I’m wondering from where you have the information about the price of 55k. The site does not look like it would make a lot of money… a few facebook likes, nowhere in google search, etc.

  5. Yeah it looks like this site lost its rankings with the latest Google update. I filmed this episode about a month before the update happened. This site wasn’t mine, I saw it on one of the website marketplaces.

  6. Jamie

    Adam this was a great example. You hit on a number of talking points that I’m hoping you will expand on. I’ll watch your other video’s before I get into my load of questions. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us.

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