Step 3 is coming…

Many of you have emailed me wondering where step 3 in flipping websites is…well I can tell you it is coming. We have been busy selling another site. Now that the website has sold we can get back to business.

I will have step 3 for you in the next day or two.

P.S. The site we just sold we bought for $500 and in less than a year sold it for $150k.

4 thoughts on “Step 3 is coming…

  1. Pascal

    Congrats guys. Huge congrats actually.

    So, $50 invested with you less than a year ago would’ve turned into $15,000 already. Probably a bit more because I’m sure that site was cash-flowing just about from the first day.

    I’m trying to do the right thing and transform my jealousy into a renewed desire to learn and apply…

  2. Ewen

    Its gold info you’re giving Adam and i really appreciate it. I’m browsing on clickbank at the moment and i’m cosidering signing up. I really want to hear step three out!

  3. Wil

    Could you recommend any memberships or courses in learning site investment (in depth)?? I’ve notice websites such as & do have input on either? Or is your post is enough to go out & get started?

  4. Blue

    Posted on May 25th, 2009 in Buying Websites
    “I will have step 3 for you in the next day or two.”

    Hmmm.. I understand that your busy with running your business and for that reason I guess I have to be patient. However, I hope you haven’t forgotten your loyal readers on this site.

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