Step 3: Looking for websites to buy

All right I have finally decided to post this. I apologize for making you all wait this long but we had very good reasons which I will not go into here. Considering how much you are paying for the info I knew you would understand. :-)

Now that you have chosen your industry and found out that there is real potential to see if you could make money in that industry, the next step is to go out and find a website that will work for you.

This is when you need to make the decision on whether to buy a website or build one from scratch. In my estimation it is always better to buy an established website rather that build a new one. You let someone else do all of the grunt work and then you step in a make the necessary changes and increase the value of the site quickly.

The only time I would say that it makes sense to build a website from scratch is when you are entering an industry where nobody really knows SEO that well and you are confident that you can quickly enter and move up in the rankings quickly.

The only other reason would be if you look and look and just can’t find a suitable website to buy in that industry and still want to get started.

I have created a video that explains one of the ways we actually go about looking for websites to buy. There are other ways than the one I talk about here but it will give you a good start.

Before I show you the video I need to tell you that we have been contemplating long and hard on whether or not to even continue with this series. We know that some people have begun to abuse the information we have given out and that has disappointed and demotivated us in our efforts to teach others.

The information on internet marketing and website flipping is valid and valuable. We really do want to help others succeed online but there are always those few who ruin it for everyone else.

We have decided to create a Prosperly membership and allow only members to access the video for step 3. The membership is free but we need to be in complete control of who gets access to this free information.

If you still wish to proceed and don’t mind becoming a member at Prosperly then click on the link below:

Watch step 3 video

8 thoughts on “Step 3: Looking for websites to buy

  1. Nate Smith

    Great Video! And thanks for sharing, we appreciate it. And check out SitePoint’s, it’s got a more friendly UI.

  2. Chance Gurr

    Ah, the much anticipated Step #3. Thanks for the info on buying a website and the SitePoint Marketplace. I’m getting ready to start my second website and you’ve re-motivated me to get going on it!

    Keep the great info coming!

  3. Ewen Baling

    Awesome video i cant thank you enough for what you’ve done. How have other people abuse the information?

  4. This will be a lot more use to me when I

    1. Get a decent connection and can watch the videos. at 115k it’s a little slow
    2. Get a credit card, being 7,000 miles from my bank It’s a little difficult and credit cards are hard to come by in Thailand.

  5. paul hill

    The video has come in very handy, its answered so many questions. Thanks for taking the time to teach these valuable lessons

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